Astute’s design engineering team of highly experienced technical advisors, provide component engineering support across all of our franchises, modifying and adapting for your projects, and supporting you throughout the design cycle.

Our dedicated service for design engineers, harnesses the expertise of our experienced product managers and application engineers across interconnect, memory, passive, discrete, power supplies, and cable assembly, as well as the backing and partnership of many franchised component manufacturers.

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250+ Years Experience

Astute Electronics harnesses over 250 years of collective experience to lead in electronic component distribution. Their seasoned electronics experts bring unparalleled insights and solutions, ensuring clients benefit from their vast industry knowledge and proficiency.

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Authorised Distribution

As an authorised distributor, Astute Electronics collaborates exclusively with trustworthy, top-tier electronic component manufacturers. Their strategic partnerships ensure a consistent supply of high-quality, reliable components for diverse industrial needs.

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Tomorrow’s tech today

Astute’s franchise product team epitomises their commitment to ‘Tomorrow’s Tech Today’, providing hands-on design consultations and workshops. They work intimately with design teams to introduce modern technology, modify existing solutions, and accelerate innovation cycles.

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Mitigating Obsolescence

Astute Electronics excels in obsolescence management, ensuring sustainable support and cost-effective solutions throughout the life cycle of equipment. They tailor their solutions to meet specific procurement and production demands, preventing equipment cost increases and the need for redesign.

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Partnership Solutions

Astute Electronics offers more than component distribution; they provide comprehensive partnership solutions. Their approach includes in-depth consultations, long-term storage options, and a focus on detailed, custom solutions for each client’s unique challenges.

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AS9120B & AS6081 Certification

AS9120 ensures traceability for the procurement of parts, materials and assemblies sold into the aerospace industry. Astute’s operations align with AS6081, offering robust protection against counterfeit electronic parts. They were the first European distributor to attain the AS6081 standard, highlighting their commitment to quality and reliability in electronic component distribution. 

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Astute engineer components to your needs, supported all the way directly by the manufacturer.

We work in partnership with your design teams to help you introduce new technology to your projects – speeding up your innovation cycles and development times.
Our technical support teams contain respected experts for interconnect, memory, passive and discrete, power and cable assemblies as well as total solutions. We are passionate about what we do, and we know you are too, which is why we are hands-on with design challenges, offering design consultations and workshops to explore the art of the possible.


“Electronic Motor Controller” aimed to develop a new insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module for an electronic motor controller.

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The Team

An incredibly committed and experienced team with unmatched industry experienced.

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Electronics counterfeit mitigation

23 Feb 2024 - Maritime

Red Sea chaos throws global supply chains into disarray

The global electronics supply chain is facing its biggest challenge in years, with disruptions exceeding even those seen during the pandemic. Houthi militant attacks in the Red Sea are forcing major shipping companies to reroute vessels, causing delays, capacity drops, and impacting companies like Tesla and Volvo.

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22 Feb 2024 - General

Electronics manufacturers cautious but optimistic despite recession fears

Electronics manufacturers are expressing cautious optimism despite facing rising costs and a potential recession, according to a recent industry survey by the IPC. While 66% of manufacturers are experiencing rising labor costs and 44% grapple with higher material costs, demand for electronics remains positive, albeit slightly down compared to the previous month. However, a looming […]

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21 Feb 2024 - Aerospace

Astute Group Celebrates Attainment of AS6171 & ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Aerospace Standard to Detect Counterfeit Parts 

Astute Group’s U.S. distribution and testing laboratory achieves landmark AS6171 certification, strengthening the fight against counterfeit parts in aerospace

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