Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised distributor and design-in partner for American Bright – one of the industry’s largest selections of optoelectronics.
American Bright’s innovative approach to optoelectronics includes the patented EzyLED, making tight-fitting LED implementations very easy. EzyLED™ is a proprietary and patented LED device with a built-in IC chip which drastically reduces the need for additional capacitors, coils, or resistors. The luminous intensity remains constant even with fluctuations in voltage inputs.

American Bright specialises in LED lighting components & control modules for aircraft interiors, industrial automation, buildings, construction, horticulture, automotive, transportation, marine, medical indoor and outdoor lighting.


• Lighting • Medical
• Marine • Gaming Machines
• Aircraft Lighting • Transportation
• Robots • Security Cameras
• Food & Beverage • Escalators
• Automotive • Traffic Control
• Industrial Automation • Industrial Robots



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Lighting Modules
& Finished Products

Flexible Lighting

American Bright makes adding light to almost any outdoor or indoor location easy with a comprehensive line of flexible IP-rated rope and strip lighting.

Our comprehensive line of flexible rope lighting product is offered in IP20, IP65, and IP68. Each light strip is available in variable lengths and colours and can be customized to specific requirements.

  • Available in 5V, 12V, 24V DC
  • Able to cut in LED increments
  • Available in top and side emitting rope light along with our new 5m side emitting
  • R, G, B, W, Amber, RGB, and RGBW options
  • IP20, IP65, IP68 options
  • RGB Addressable option available now

COB (Chip on Board) Flexible Light

The COB light strip has a high lumen output ranging from 670 – 1200 lm/m and an efficacy range of 54 – 100 lm/W depending on the CCT. The working voltage is 24V/.5A with a rated power of 12W per meter. Constructed with epoxy material, the light strip is available in warm white, neutral white and cool white along with green and amber. Also available in a tunable dual combination of warm white and cool white.

With the high lumen output, a wide viewing angle and a uniquely constructed rope light, hot spots are eliminated. This light strip is ideal for a multitude of applications including residential & commercial lighting, gaming, entertainment, light bars and accent lighting.

  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • High lumen output (up to 1200 lm/m)
  • No hotspot (>420 die/m)
  • Wide viewing angle (150°)
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C~65°C
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C~60°C
  • Humidity tolerance: 40-70% RH

AC Modules

American Bright’s High-Power AC LED Modules provide an excellent solution for lighting manufacturers. Our patented AC LED Module represents a much simpler and more reliable solution for general lighting with 120/230VAC direct input. It packs high efficiency lighting power into a compact size that offers uniformity and configurability in an all solid state, dimmable package.

  • Available in 4W-36W modules with CCT ranges from warm 3000K to cool 6000K
  • High CRI (>80) and an outstanding power factor (>0.9)
  • LM80 6000hrs completed
  • Circular shape dimensions are from 0.87” to 12”, square shape approximately 3″, and linear modules comes in 6”, 11”, and 22” lengths
  • Environmentally friendly; REACH & RoHS Compliant

Custom Solutions

American Bright has extensive experience in engineering creative, cost-effective, high tech lighting solutions. Astute can provide technical advice to develop and manufacture customer-specific solutions in conjunction with American Bright, bringing its expertise to solve client challenges. They specialize in infrared modules, LED related PCB assemblies, AC/DC modules, flexible rope lights and customised light strips.

  • Vertically integrated Factories with State-of-the-Art assembly lines
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • AS 9100 (Aerospace standard)
  • IATF 16949

Astute Electronics – Technical Partner for American Bright

Astute Electronics is a key design-in partner for American Bright, advising customers on how to incorporate American Bright components within new designs and providing technical advice direct from the manufacturer.

American bright has extensive experience in engineering and is uniquely qualified to support fast-track customised optoelectronic lighting solutions including lighting assemblies LED drivers and power supplies. Astute offers global bespoke solutions across all market segments and across all sectors of the electronics industry and is a value-added partner for American Bright.



With 1,500~4,000 pieces quantities on Tape & Reel, American Bright has the highest quality SMT chip LED products in the most popular 0402, 0603, 0805, 1204 and 1210 packages. LEDs in axial, gull-wing, yoke and “Z” styles are also available in industry standard configurations. American Bright offers one of the most comprehensive families of SMT LEDs, anchored by incredible design, quality and reliability.

  • Most popular 0402, 0603, 0805, 1204, 1210 package
  • Axial leaded, gull-winged, Z-bend, Yoke formed and PLCC styles
  • Bin sort for tight tolerance, ANSI binning for white colour
  • REACH & RoHS Compliant

LED Display

American Bright offers single digit displays ranging from 0.28” ~ 5.0” to multi-digit display modules with up to six digits in a wide range of heights. Our products are available in all industry standard colours, supporting bi-colour and tri-colour operation. Besides digit, dot matrix and alphanumeric displays, we also provide a vast range of bar graph and icon styles as well as legend backlights.

  • Seven segment along with Single to 6 Digits
  • Sizes from 0.28” to 5.0”
  • Dot matrix 5X7, 5X8 and 8X8
  • Bar graph displays from 5 to 15 segments


With a wide viewing angle of up to 120 degrees and available in the latest ANSI standard whites, as well as all the standard colours, American Bright’s PLCC is offered in a variety of packages which includes PLCC-2, PLCC-4, PLCC-6 and PLCC-8. These discrete PLCC packages provide a wide range of power consumption from 0.05W-3W. These packages, with integral lead frame and circuit pad design come in at under 1.5mm in height. PLCC devices exhibit excellent high-current operating characteristics with a low thermal resistance, assuring improved heat dissipation, suitable for IR reflow soldering.

  • Package size: 2835/3014/3535/4014/5050
  • Available in 0.2W-3W
  • Various colors
  • Lighting grade PLCC, LM80 available

IR Products

American Bright’s full line of advanced infrared through-hole and SMT devices are suitable for both digital and analogue control systems. Special pin lengths, pins, sizes and customised design are available.

Wide product offering that includes discrete IR emitters, photo-transistors, photodiodes, receiver modules, photo couplers, and photo interrupters

  • Discrete IR or customised modules
  • Power .08W – 3W

Addressable RGB with IC

American Bright offers a new series of 5050 / 3528 / 4020 / 2020 RGB LED packages with built-in IC. These addressable RGB with IC packages are designed with an integrated circuit that features self-detection signal, support for continuous oscillation, and pulse width modulation (PWM) output that could maintain static screen.

  • Available in PLCC-6 5050, and PLCC-4 5050, 3528, 4020 (side-emitting), and EMC 2020 packages
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) communication protocol
  • 8-bit (256 level) color set
  • 5-bit (32 level) brightness adjustment
  • Low voltage 0.2W~1W power consumption
  • Built in support for continuous oscillation
  • Self-detection signal
  • Refresh rate of 400 cycles
  • Operating temperature -40° C to 85° C


EzyLED is a proprietary and patented LED device with a built-in IC chip which drastically reduces the need for additional capacitors, coils or resistors. EzyLEDs are connected in parallel and can be driven from 12 AC/DC or 24 AC/DC sources. Luminous intensity remains constant even with fluctuations in voltage inputs.

The 3030 package allows for quick design and scale changes without the need for new diver boards making this the ideal solution for tight fitting automotive and lighting applications.

  • Constant voltage IC with built-in bridge rectifier
  • Wide voltage input range for easy adoption
  • High voltage durability
  • Available in red, blue, green, amber and white
  • Power .2W – 2.4W

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Patented LED chip design reduces circuit drivier complexity.

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Tailored Flexible LED Solution

Flexible LED Implementation made easy.

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