Nicomatic is manufacturer of standard and special micro electrical connectors for harsh environments such as their CMM 2mm pitch and their industry Mil recognised DMM Micro-D range, FFC cables, snap domes and components for man-machine interfaces.

A wide range of applications for Aerospace, instrumentation, rail and defence markets with applications that include HUDs, Radar, Electro-optical Sighting, satelllites, engine controls,telecoms to name a few.


• Aerospace • Industrial
• Defence • Medical
• Broadcast AV • Science & Research
• Communications • Test & Measurement
• Energy • Transportation



Ian White
Interconnect Solutions Technical BDM
[email protected]

Product Lines

High Performance Micro-Connectors

  • CMM Micro connectors – 2mm pitch MIL-DTL-55302F
  • AMM Micro connectors – 1mm pitch MIL-DTL-83513G & MIL-DTL-55302G
  • DMM 2mm pitch metal connectors – MIL-DTL-83513G
  • EMM Micro connectors – 1.27mm pitch MIL-DTL-83513
  • DLMM Metalised Composite connectors – 2mm pitch MIL-DTL-83513G
  • Microflex Hi-Rel Flexible Harness – 2mm pitch MIL-DTL55302F
  • OMM micro-circular connectors MIL-DTL55302F
  • Cable Assemblies

Sealed Modular Connectors

  • Optimus / EN4165 Sealed Connector

Connectors for Flexible Circuits & PCB

  • Crimpflex™ housings
  • CrimpFlex crimping equipment
  • Crimpflex™ Contacts
  • PCB connectors & related
  • SMD test terminals
  • Discrete wire to flat cable

FFC Cables & Jumpers

  • Crimpflex™ Jumper Cables
  • FFC cables

Metal Domes & Components

  • Switch’Air™ 4 legged domes
  • Round & Double Radius Domes
  • Domes arrays