Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised distributor and technical partner for KEC.

KEC has been producing high performance EMC circular backshells for 40 years.

All of their products are manufactured in the UK, significantly reducing delivery lead times. This also assists in maximising availability for both small batch and high-volume production runs.


• Aerospace • Automation
• Defence • Medical
• Naval • Nuclear
• Rail • Power Distribution



Scott Morley
Interconnect Solutions Technical BDM

[email protected]


EMC Circular Backshells (KC2000 range)

These backshells incorporate all the screening techniques that KEC has developed over 40 years of experience.

Providing solutions for a wide variety of EMC and environmental specifications including TEMPEST and IP67 and there are options for fibre optic cables too.

Also available in the range is the KC1100 is a heat shrink boot adaptor for use where no screen termination is required.

EMC Bulkhead Panel Fittings (KG Range – cable glands and bulkhead fittings)

This range comprises nine different but interrelated models that provide high levels of EMC and environmental protection at entry points of instrument racks, enclosures, cabinets, panels and bulkheads.

These avoid the need to use expensive and labour intensive in-line connectors.

D Type & Rectangular Backshells (Including D-Subminiature)

This range uses high quality die-cast zinc to deliver high levels of EMI and RFI protection. Lightweight plastic options are also available.

Popular in the range is the successful QuickLock pushpull latching system from Provertha.

M-12 Connectors and Cables (Provertha Range)

Reliable 360° shielded solutions providing safe signal transfer in extremely rough industrial environments

Available in various codes.

Profibus Connectors and Cables

Providing safe signal transfer in extremely rough industrial environments and guaranteeing a fast and reliable connection:

Use with internal or external cable clamps or crimp flange to make the PROVERTHA bus connections vibration-proof. The Zinc die-cast housing also shield them for EMI/RFI safety.

Fastener Specialty Nut Rings & Nut Plates

‘Costsaver’ connector nut plates nut rings facilitate the mounting of electrical connectors and other components in confined areas of panels and bulkheads.

Save installation time with and see the benefits of the non-wrenching feature allowing close fit in a panel.

Conduit Systems (Supertube range)

Lightweight, semi-rigid conduit with specially designed screened fittings, allows high degrees of electrical and environmental protection.

Sleeving and Shielding Solutions

Providing bundling and component protection against abrasion, heat, noise, and electromagnetic interference.

Round and Flat Metal Braids

Flat woven braids and braid socks of various optical coverages.

Special Solutions in Naval and Nuclear Applications

If their standard range does not suit your exact requirements they can design and produce bespoke solutions that do.

In addition to their range of standard products, Astute can provide technical support to develop customer-specific solutions in conjunction with the manufacturer.