The Defence industry is part of Astute’s DNA.
From our beginnings in the 1980s, with Marconi and British Aerospace, Astute has evolved as a partner to the world’s most prestigious defence companies such as BAE Systems, Leonardo, Raytheon, Babcock, RBSL, L3Harris, Thales, General Dynamics, and Marshall Land Systems.
In the past, we primarily provided support during the later stages of a product’s lifecycle — particularly when obsolescence or a lack of supply in the market became an issue.

Over four decades, we have achieved numerous accolades and qualifications including the prestigious Leonardo Supplier Excellence Award, the Ministry of Defence’s Quality Ambassador Trophy, and compliance with standards such as AS6081 & AS9120B, as well as inclusion in the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR).

Our partnerships with leading defence contractors have grown stronger and deeper, leading to a rapid expansion of our services as we continue to support them across the ever-broadening horizons of defence cooperation.

Astute’s strength lies in being an integral part of multinational global defence programmes – GCAP, Boxer, Type 26, Type 31, and Dreadnaught Astute Class to name a few – supplying technology innovation and procurement strategies as well as supporting long-term defence platforms and end-user equipment with diverse commodities.

In one Leonardo support contract, we have supplied more than 15 million spares into 52 end-user locations over a 14-year period — earning their endorsement as a key supplier on their exemplar programme.

Our sourcing strategies have delivered significant cost savings and controls, zero excess stock, 100% supply-chain traceability, industry-leading delivery times, 100% quality assurance, and zero counterfeit parts.

Overall, Astute has helped Leonardo achieve Surety of Supply.

Astute’s services are executed in three key stages – Design, Fulfilment, and Support – that combine to ensure a Surety of Supply throughout the entire production cycle, from inception to obsolescence.


Utilising Astute’s design network exponentially expands your access to highly skilled engineers. We have strategically invested in expanding our expertise in electronics, electrical, and electromechanical engineering, covering a wide array of areas including semiconductors, power systems, interconnects, and discrete components.

Our pan-European network of specialised design firms, complemented by direct support from engineering teams in countless franchised component manufacturers, allows us to allocate seasoned engineers to your project.

Additionally, Astute’s proactive involvement guarantees the selection of optimal technology for the lifecycle of your system, blending technological innovation with lasting availability, thereby minimising obsolescence risks and extending the operational life of critical defense systems.


Astute supports the key defence primes most critical projects, managing commodity flows to ensure all production tiers have the right parts at the right time, whatever the market conditions.

Through our dedicated global teams, we provide optimised supply chains and deliveries across multi-site locations, on-time delivery, on-site support, stock-level checking, and quality compliance.


When product is entering the End-of-Life stage, and the customer needs through-life support, we proactively source hard-to-find and obsolete parts and ensure it’s of the right quality through our AS6081 on-site test labs across Europe and the United States.

We are industry-leading in our approach to counterfeit mitigation to the defence industry, working collaboratively with the MoD Counterfeit Avoidance Working Group (CAWG).

Astute Credentials

AS6081, AS9120B, JOSCAR. Industry & government working groups involvement: ADS, MakeUK, Defence Group Partnership, Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM), MOD Counterfeit Avoidance Working Group (CAWG).

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Your Defence Specialist

Multinational, multicommodity programme support. Representation in key global territories. Counterfeit avoidance test labs in UK, Germany, and US. ITAR/EAR export control team. Expert project management and logistics support.

Our Scope of Supply

Diverse commodities & service procurement and provision: electronics, electro-mechanical, electrical consumables, mechanical, IT hardware, cable assemblies, consumables, hand tools, or as directed.

“Astute has a long association with defence, and the dedicated men and women who work tirelessly to secure peace”

Freddie Roe
Director Aerospace & Defence
Astute Group

Our Franchised

Astute’s enduring association with the defence industry, dating back to 1989, displays our deep involvement from concept to fulfilment in defence technology.

We engage with many franchised lines for connectors, power, semiconductors, and E-Mech, providing a comprehensive Design>Fulfilment>Support service, ensuring long-term reliability and support for all defence equipment.


Technical design support and distribution of 70+ component manufacturers.

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Take advantage of Astute’s world leading counterfeit avoidance program. Trusted by life-critical device manufacturers for decades.

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Effective consolidation of complex supply-chain elements that enable you to focus on your core areas of value.

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Astute Group offers Amphenol Rhino connectors for extreme use

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Astute Group offers APEM Thumb Controls for Drones – UAVs & UGVs

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