Astute is a highly-accredited electronics distributor and procurement specialist.

We take protecting you against inferior-quality products very seriously.

Our operations are run in accordance with quality processes.

Astute Electronics is a highly accredited distributor, run in accordance to industry-recognised quality standards and benchmarks.

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Astute is an active participant in various government and industry consultative groups, ensuring it remains at the forefront of electronics distribution.

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Astute Electronics has attained AS6081, the aerospace and defence standard created by SAE International for distributors of electronic components in response to a significant and increasing volume of fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts entering the supply chain and creating risks to safety, reliability and performance.

Where products have been sourced outside OEM channels, they must be tested to the AS6081 standard. AS6081 lays down uniform requirements, practices and methods pertaining to:

  • Identifying reliable sources to procure parts,
  • Assessing and mitigating the risk of distributing fraudulent/counterfeit parts,
  • Controlling suspect or confirmed fraudulent/counterfeit parts,
  • Reporting suspect and confirmed fraudulent/counterfeit parts to other potential users and the relevant jurisdiction.

Astute Electronics were the first European distributor to attain the AS6081 standard and are proud to be the only distributor with AS6081 accreditations across multiple locations either side of the Atlantic – from the Stevenage headquarters in the UK to our offices in Suffolk, Virginia, USA.


Astute Electronics has achieved the AS9120B certification, which assures our customers of product quality and traceability and the control and availability of records. 

The AS9120B Standard applies to distributors and companies that procure parts, materials and assemblies and sell these products to customers in the aviation, space and defence industries. 

Astute is required to have a Quality Management System based on AS9120B and supplemented by additional requirements that are specific to distributors who carry aircraft components like electronics, connectors, etc.

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Global Quality Manager
Astute Group

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23 - 26 Apr 2024 - Stuttgart, Germany

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