Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised distributor and technical partner for Cinch.

Cinch, acquired by Bel Fuse in 2010, has grown substantially through strategic acquisition and continued investment in technology development.

Cinch is a global leader whose products support applications including commercial aircraft, agricultural equipment, and harsh environment military applications.


• Communications • Military
• Video Transport • Aerospace
• Medical • Commercial
• Security • Harsh Environments



Scott Morley
Interconnect Solutions Technical BDM
[email protected]

High Performance


Fibreco fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies for military, security, outside broadcast, offshore, mining and other industrial harsh environment applications. Fibreco expanded beam connectors and cable assemblies offer high performance, flexible, cost effective solutions to any critical harsh environment communication application.


Cinch Dura-Con D-shaped micro miniature rectangular connectors are designed for applications that require a rugged, high performance, densely compacted interconnect. Dura-Con is the ideal connector for applications where weight and space must be kept to a minimum while maintaining maximum reliability. Reliability is assured with the unique twist pin providing 7 points of contact when mated.

Full Product

GigaDevice’s GD32™ family of high-performance, low-power, and cost-effective universal microcontrollers are available powered by the ARM® Cortex®-M3 or Cortex-M4 cores. The product family incorporates GigaDevice’s advanced patented gFlash memory technology, providing extended functionality and design flexibility.

The GigaDevice GD32™ family is well-suited for a wide range of applications, including industrial control, user interfaces, motor drives, power monitors and alarm systems, consumer and handheld equipment, solar photovoltaic controls, touch panels, PC peripherals and more.

Optical Transceiver & Subsystems

Low Rider Transceiver
Active Bulkhead
Quad Hybrid Transceiver
Front Loader Transceiver
Fiber Flex Optical Circuits
Mini RJ Transceiver
SFF/SFP Transceiver

RF Microwave Components

Attenuators & Terminations
Precision Adapters
DC Blocks
Power Dividers
Directional Couplers
M3933 QPL Attenuators
M39030 QPL Terminations
Custom Parts

RF & Microwave Solutions

2.92mm, 2.4mm & 1.85mm
RF Connectors
SMPM & SMP RF Connectors
UMC, MMCX & MCX RF Connectors
End Launch, Board Mount & Cabled Solutions
Non-Magnetic RF Solutions
Test Cable Assemblies
High Frequency Adapters
(Same Series & Between Series)
Ganged Connectors & Board to Board Solutions
Hardware (Banana Test & Tip Jacks)

RF/Microwave Cable & Cable Assemblies

High Performance Bulk Cable
Standard, Custom & Privately Labeled
Bulk Cable
Cable Assemblies & Connectors
Vertically Integrated to Manufacture
Cables, Connectors & Cable Assemblies
Custom Parts

RF Connectors & Cable Assemblies

Coax, Twinax & Triax Interfaces
Custom Cable Assemblies
Space Rated RF Connectors & Cable
Mil-Std-1553 Data Bus Connector
Quick Lock, Threaded & Bayonet
Twinax & Triax Patching Connectors
Outside Plant & DS3 Products

RF, CATV, Data/Telecom Connectors & Cables

RF Connectors & Adapters
‘F’ Connectors & Adapters
Audio/Video Connectors & Adapters
D-Subminiature Connectors & Modular
Coaxial Cables
Network Cable Assemblies

RF Connectors & Cable Assemblies

Coax Connectors

MIL-DTL-26500 Circular Connectors

Threaded & Bayonet
Square Flange
Single-Hole Mount
Vibration Proof
Vibration Resistant

Mil/Aero Circular Connectors

MIL-DTL-26482 & MIL-DTL-5015 QPL Listed Connector
Commercial Versions Available
D38999 PC Tail Connectors
Buffet/Galley Connectors
Filtered Connectors
MD801 Connectors

Fuel Quantity Indicating System Wire Harness Assemblies

Gas Tight Crimp & Solder Termination to Enhance Electrical Conductivity & Prevent Corrosion
Superior Insulation for Increased Durability & Environmental Protection
Lightweight Hermetically Sealed Spares Connectors
Cinch Feed Through Connectors Reduce Replacement & Repair Downtime
Modular Harness Design Increases Ease of Installation

MIL-DTL-83513 Micro-D

High Density, High Reliability
Multiple Aluminum & Plastic Shell Options
High Performance Twist Pin Contact
Custom Connectors & Cable Assemblies
Hermetic, High Temperature Power & RF Combinations Available

EN 4644 Electrical, RF & Fiber Interconnect Solutions

Next Generation Aerospace Connectors
Shell Designed with Modular Inserts
Stackable Shells for Optimal Space Savings
Additional Space for Locking & Unlocking Connectors Not Required
Shells Available in Aluminium or Composite Materials

Fiber Optic Expanded Beam Connectors

MIL-DTL-83526 QPL Listed
Legacy Stratos HMA Connectors
D38999 Style
Harnesses & Reels
Variety of Shell Materials & Plating
2 – 16 Channels & Hybrids

C-DMX™ ARINC 809 & EN4165 Modular Connectors

Durability, design & materials
Multiple inserts for signal, power, data & fiber
Quick install, positive force, “snap” termination
Compact and light weight
EMI protection

Military & Commerical D-Subs, Edge & Power Connectors

Edge Connectors
Jones Plugs
J-Type Connectors

Modular Connector Enclosures

Ruggedized Connector Enclosures for Electronic Control Modules
Sealed Header Systems (SHS) I/O Connectors
Available in 18, 30, 48 & 60 I/O Configurations
Multiple Header & Harness Connector Options
USCAR 1.50mm Interface

Compression Interconnects

Solderless Surface Mount Connector
High Density, 1.0mm Pitch between Contacts
Reliable Under Extremely Rugged Conditions
High Speed Contact (+50GHz)
Available for PCB to PCD, IC to PCB & Flex to PCB