OSI Laser Diode, Inc. (LDI), produces advanced optoelectronic products of the highest quality for a broad range of applications and industries such as aerospace, medical, communication and automotive.

In addition to an extensive assortment of standard products, LDI has been developing and manufacturing OEM and custom solutions for leading technologies and industries for a wide variety of demanding applications for over 40 years.


• Aerospace • Medical
• Defence • Industrial
• Communications  



Stewart Burns
Passives & Discretes Technical BDM
[email protected]


  • Detectors, optical receiver modules
  • Emitters
  • High Power Pulsed Laser Modules
  • InGaAs Photodiode Modules
  • Airpak Transmitter and Receiver Modules
  • Enhanced sensitivity fibre-optic receivers
  • High power fibre coupled F-P laser diodes

…plus custom and OEM solutions.