Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised distributor and design-in partner for APEM in the UK & Germany.
Owned by IDEC Corporation, APEM is a global leader in the design and manufacture of human machine interfaces (HMIs) for a wide range of industries including aerospace & defence.

APEM has developed over 125,000 unique parts, including switches, indicators, joysticks, and keypads in myriad configurations, resulting in endless possibilities, as well as being experts in custom control panels and fully customised sub-assemblies.


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Military & Defence Guide

For more than 70 years, APEM has been collaborating with leading defence companies and supplying HMIs capable of operating under extreme conditions with consistent reliability. Astute is your expert design partner for Apem – contact us for help.

Apem & Astute Defence Brochure

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UAVs & UGVs Selection Guide

The demand for military drones and autonomous vehicles has never been higher. APEM manufactures thumb controls for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles). Astute is your expert design partner for Apem – contact us for help.

Download Drone UAV + UGE Guide

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Switches &
HMI Products

Toggle Switches

Toggle switches offer intuitive operation, provide clear on-off states, enhance user experience through tactile feedback, save space in design layouts, and are durable for repeated use. APEM offers toggles with up to a 3 positions, with momentary or alternate functions that can be locked by itself or with protection guards. Their MIL spec12000X778 toggle has a double shell case construction and pinned lever for extra mechanical strength and IP67 seal. Numerous ratings, sealing, lever finish options, and sealing boots are available with PCB solder lugs, quick-connect, or wire wrap termination options.

Industrial Controls

APEM’s industrial controls are distinguished by their robustness, versatility, modularity, and their wide range of customisable features. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial settings, they combine ergonomic design with high-performance capabilities. With many options for pushbuttons, indicators, selector switches, and key switches, APEM ensures reliable operation in varied environments, making them a trusted choice for professionals seeking durable and efficient control solutions.

Keylock Switches

APEM keylock switches offer enhanced security and precision, ensuring that unauthorized access is minimized. Their robust design is tailored for longevity, even in demanding environments. With a clear tactile feedback, they ensure accurate operations. APEM’s variety in design and configurations accommodates diverse applications, making them a trusted choice for systems requiring an added layer of protection and control.


APEM joysticks are versatile and customizable, with over 45 standard product series available in 1-3 axis, proportional control, and illumination options. They are used in a wide range of applications, from snowplows to cranes. Joysticks can be customised with different terminations, markings, colors, sealing, and handles. Worldwide, their versatility makes them a top choice for a broad spectrum of uses.

Customised Solutions

Astute is your gateway to APEM customised solutions. For APEM, every client and project is distinct, echoing their 70-year legacy in human-machine interface production. They’ve developed over 125,000 unique parts, including switches, indicators, joysticks, and keypads in myriad configurations, resulting in endless possibilities. With 300+ standard series, customisation is effortless, catering to client-specific requirements—be it marking, backlighting, or handles. APEM prioritises cost-effective, rapid product tailoring, backed by a wealth of technical expertise. Their adept teams offer turnkey solutions, harnessing integrated methodologies like lean engineering to address any HMI challenge efficiently.

Rocker Switches

APEM rocker switches are renowned for their durability, ergonomic design, and diverse customisation options. They seamlessly integrate into various applications, offering reliable performance, clear status indication, and user-friendly interfaces, making them a preferred choice for many electronic devices and panels. With a back-lit icon, APEM rockers are an ideal choice when you want to ensure clear visibility of your actuator’s status and create a consistent design. Options for waterproof rockers or momentary rockers with UL, CSA, VDE or NF certification.

Pushbutton Switches

APEM’s extensive range of miniature, subminiature and ultra-miniature pushbuttons for printed circuit board, surface mount and panel mount applications include momentary and latching versions with the widest selection of actuator styles, shapes and colors. Highlights of the range include their 13000X778 – Alternate is a double-pole, double-throw alternate pushbutton for low-power applications in military and other high-reliability environments. There is also a 13000X778 – Momentary.

Switch Guards

APEM’s switch guards are precision-engineered for enhanced protection, ensuring that switches remain undisturbed in high-traffic or demanding settings. These guards, tailored for a variety of switch types, enhance safety by preventing accidental activations. Built with durability in mind, they blend seamlessly with APEM’s range, making them essential for applications requiring an extra layer of reliability and control.

Thumb Controls

APEM thumb controls are the ideal solution for small spaces where you need to control several functions with one finger. They are ergonomic, durable, and offer an almost unlimited lifecycle. With durable construction, they withstand repeated use and demanding conditions. APEM’s diverse range ensures adaptability, making them ideal for applications seeking efficient, tactile-responsive controls that ensure accuracy and user comfort. APEM also offers an illuminated series for low-visibility environments.


Astute will be partnering APEM to bring their HMI products to our customers’ applications, whatever their requirements may be. Our engineers will help customers to select the right APEM products for their applications and integrate them into their designs. We’ll be echoing their motto “Bringing our customers’ projects to life” with a direct line-in to their design departments for any bespoke product customisations.

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