Global component sourcing for innovation in medical technology

Astute is no stranger to the intensity of a life-critical device supply chain. There is a great deal of cross-over with our long experience as a key component supplier to aerospace and defence.
Technical excellence, assured component supply, logistics expertise, and attention to detail all require the high standards of capability and focus.
Astute’s abilities as a dynamic, agile partner were never more evident than during the Covid pandemic when we acted as a key supply-chain collaborator in several UK ventilator challenge projects aimed at rapid mass production of life-saving respiratory aids as part of an urgent expansion of Covid treatment equipment.

International defence company Babcock International Group, working with German medical equipment specialist Draegerwerk, had the Zephyr Plus ventilator market-ready in just 70 days using tried and tested medical components. In similar fashion, BAE Systems’ entirely-new AirCare ventilator, again reliant on readily-available parts, was able to go into production in just three weeks with a production target of 1,000 units per week.

We were honoured to support supply chain requirements in both cases and have continued our involvement in the medical sector by investing, adapting, building on, and evolving our capabilities  – as we always have done with all of our customers’ requirements.

Astute provides an all-encompassing supply-chain solution. With technical product management for over 70+ electronic component manufacturers and in-house logistics expertise, we can help consolidate complex project elements to enable you to concentrate on your core purpose and areas of operation.

Covid accelerated the need for portable screening and early detection devices. There was an urgent need to make sure equipment was portable enough to be used outside a hospital environment in places such as care homes, GP surgeries, and health centres.

Meeting this challenge, Astute has formed a strategic alliance with California-based medical pioneers Level42 AI to supply their contactless and non-invasive disease screening and health diagnostic equipment. The AI-powered equipment provides early, accurate, and instantaneous detection and monitoring of infection and non-communicable illness as well as vital-sign monitoring.

Level42’s AI platform ‘learns’ to distinguish ‘healthy’ people from ‘sick’ at both the individual level and at mass population scale. The technology is contactless – capable of scanning through layers of clothing to determine signs of the current and future health of the subject as well as providing health professionals with actionable diagnostics.

Technical Engineering Support

Astute Electronics provides a direct line to many of world’s cutting edge component manufacturers and their specialised design teams.

With unparalleled technical engineering support, we can offer innovative solutions at the forefront of electronic component distribution.

Our team of certified experts and problem solvers provides design expertise, ensuring that every customer need is not just met but surpassed with agile and reliable service. 

Global Sourcing team for rapid response

Astute’s global sourcing team exemplifies rapid response and problem-solving prowess, positioning us as the ‘partner of choice’ in electronic component distribution.

Our global footprint and network of authorised suppliers ensure that we are always at the forefront, ready to meet the challenges of an evolving market with certified and regulated solutions.

Long-Term supply agreements

Astute Electronics specialises in crafting long-term supply agreements, offering stability and reliability in an uncertain market.

These agreements demonstrate our leadership and commitment to ‘exploring the possible’, providing our clients with secure, ongoing access to high-reliability components and innovative supply chain solutions.

Vendor reduction programs

Our vendor reduction programs at Astute Electronics are designed to streamline supply chains, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

As accredited experts and innovators, we help businesses consolidate their electronic component needs, reducing complexity and ensuring a more agile, cost-effective solution.

Serviceable Asset Location & Utilisation System

Astute’s SALUS accurately tracks and reports on the location, status, and condition of high-value equipment and devices both indoors and outdoors across different areas and buildings on your sites. SALUS condition and status monitoring can dramatically increase productivity, reduce management costs, and increase operational efficiency.

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“We set out to develop an innovative product that would transform the way surgery is performed anywhere in the world.”

Luke Hares
Chief Technology Officer, CMR Surgical

Our Franchised

Astute’s significant role in life-critical medical device supply chains, as evidenced during the COVID-19 ventilator challenge, highlights our expertise and adaptability.
Partnering with top manufacturers, we provide electronic component engineering and global sourcing, ensuring a consistent supply of vital components for medical devices.


Technical design support and distribution of 70+ component manufacturers.

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Take advantage of Astute’s world leading counterfeit avoidance program. Trusted by life-critical device manufacturers for decades.

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Effective consolidation of complex supply-chain elements that enable you to focus on your core areas of value.

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