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Astute is a highly accredited, quality-driven procurement expert, with a list of clients that includes the world’s leading defence suppliers.

Our mission is to shield you against inferior quality products and services. As such, our operations are run in accordance with quality processes including AS6081 that mitigates the risks of purchasing and supplying fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts.

Discover our world leading counterfeit avoidance program. Trusted by life-critical device manufacturers for decades.

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On-Site Test Lab

Astute Electronics stands at the forefront of counterfeit detection with state-of-the-art on-site test labs in the UK, US, Germany and Hong Kong.

Our accredited experts employ the latest techniques, ensuring agile and reliable validation of high-reliability electronic components. We are the ‘partner of choice’ for delivering certified and trustworthy solutions.

AS9120 & AS6081 Certified

Astute Electronics proudly holds AS9120 & AS6081 certifications, stamping our commitment to quality and reliability on the electronics sector.

These certifications confirm our status as authorised and regulated leaders in the industry, providing customers with the highest standard of solution providers.

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Leaders & Contributors to Evolving Standards

As innovators and leaders in the electronics industry, Astute Electronics actively contributes to evolving standards through the UK MOD Counterfeit Avoidance Working Group.

Our team of experts not only adheres to the current benchmarks but advises the industry and helps shape future regulations.

This leadership role underlines our commitment to ‘explore the possible’ and positions us as one of the global leaders in electronic component solutions.

ACAP by Astute

Astute was the first European distributor to attain the AS6081 standard, and is proudly the only distributor with AS6081 accreditations on both side of the Atlantic.

The bespoke Astute Counterfeit Avoidance Programme (ACAP) is market-leading in its process and offers a secure, warranted route for these occasions. For parts obtained through non-traceable routes, Astute will subject products to rigorous destructive and non-destructive testing through their ACAP scheme, encompassing the AS6081 anti-counterfeit standards.

Obsolescence Management

Our proactive and constant approach to obsolescence management helps to extend the service life of your equipment and avoid early redundancy.

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Long Term

Long-term storage in nitrogen-controlled cabinets to keep critical components in perfect conduction until required – 5, 10 even 15 years.

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The Team

An incredibly committed and experienced team with unmatched industry experienced.

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Electronics counterfeit mitigation

19 Jul 2024 - Defence

New Senate bill aims to ban U.S. agency purchases of counterfeit electronics

A new bipartisan bill has been introduced in the US Senate, aiming to enhance cybersecurity by limiting federal agencies' purchases of certain technological products to original manufacturers or authorised resellers.

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18 Jul 2024 - General

New Study Unveils Significant Value of Authorised Electronics Distributors

A groundbreaking study by the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) has shed light on the indispensable role authorised distributors play in the electronics supply chain, offering a range of benefits that extend far beyond mere product delivery.

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17 Jul 2024 - EV

EU Tariffs Spark a Global Chess Game in the Electric Vehicle Market

The European Union's (EU) recent imposition of provisional tariffs on Chinese-made electric vehicles (EVs) has set off a chain reaction in the global automotive industry. The tariffs, ranging from 17.4% to 37.6%, are aimed at protecting European manufacturers and fostering local EV production. However, they have also catalysed a strategic shift by Chinese automakers, who are now accelerating their expansion into overseas markets.

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