Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised distributor and technical partner for Pulsiv in the UK, EMEA, India, and Australia.

Pulsiv provides a range of intelligent semiconductor devices that delivers a PFC AC input to a DC output that eliminates inrush currents and has considerably increased the efficiency at low loads. They also offer configurable reference designs and flexible development systems.

Their ground breaking technology is considered to be one of the biggest changes in the design of power supplies for many years and will enable the electronics industry to create innovative power supply solutions aimed at improving efficiency, optimising cost and enhancing performance.


• Consumer • Industrial PSU
• LED Lighting • Power Adapters
• Battery Chargers • Solar



Rich Ford
Power Technical BDM
[email protected]


Power Supply Solutions

Pulsiv have developed a new method for converting AC to DC using a patented switching technique. To enable engineers to easily utilise the technology across almost any mains-powered or battery-charging application, Pulsiv provide an intelligent microcontroller, development system and complete documentation.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique switching method
  • Unrivalled efficiency
  • Extending the limits of flyback designs
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Inrush current eliminated
  • Integrated options
  • Scalability


Video Case Study

Designing and interfacing a Flyback with a Pulsiv OSMIUM AC to DC front-end design

Features and Functions

Pulsiv OSMIUM microcontroller features and functions

Circuit Configurations

Pulsiv OSMIUM AC to DC front end circuit configurations

Configuring the inductor

Configuring the inductor and current sense resistor to charge the capacitor

Configuring the storage capacitor

Configuring the storage capacitor in a Pulsiv OSMIUM AC to DC front end design

Configuring Hold Up

Configuring Hold Up in a Pulsiv OSMIUM AC to DC front end design