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Project: Electronic Motor Controller

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Insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module for an electronic motor controller.

Franchise Technical Partner:

Transys Electronics Ltd

This project, “Electronic Motor Controller”, aimed to develop a new insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module for an electronic motor controller. This controller was designed for operating pressure hydraulics and servo valves, necessitating a significant upgrade from the existing module.

Technical Challenges

The project faced the daunting task of creating a unit capable of producing high peak currents (200-300 Amps) while maintaining a low RDS(ON) resistance of just 5 Ohms. The controller needed to operate IGBTs at a high voltage level of 200 Volts, all within stringent size constraints. The required dimensions were akin to a mobile phone, posing a substantial challenge in design and component integration.

The Astute Solution

Collaborating with Transys Electronics Ltd, Astute embarked on this challenge by experimenting with various IGBT transistors to ascertain the feasibility of achieving the desired electrical characteristics. After initial success, they encountered electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues, leading to the innovative incorporation of feedthrough capacitors into the compact design. Additionally, to manage heat in such a confined space, the components were built onto a baseplate that also served as a heatsink. Through numerous design iterations, the team believes they have found a solution meeting all criteria.

Further EMC testing is needed to ensure the module operates without generating spurious noise. Astute is optimistic about receiving final approval for this innovative design soon.

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