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The steady advance of technology associated with Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution – is expected to revolutionise manufacturing in all sectors over the coming decade.
One offshoot is a projected 20 per cent compound annual growth rate in the global market for smart sensors by 2030.
Industrial automation, or the Smart Factory, is taking advantage of technology-driven synergy and connectivity across a range of digital technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, robotics, AI, data-capture & analytics, and cyber-physical systems.
Critical production-line-related electronic components can cause expensive production stoppages if they become scarce – which is why Astute offers support for the development of new equipment from the onset.

Our application engineers and design teams, along with our franchised component manufacturers, can work with your team to mitigate the potential for future
component scarcity or obsolescence at the concept and prototype stage.

We maintain that support throughout your product’s entire life cycle – protecting you from counterfeit parts from cradle to grave and retaining a long-term supply of genuine parts through Astute’s own nitrogen storage.

With manufacturers facing growing cost pressures, Astute also offers you scalable solutions to asset tracking and collaboration systems to support all operational efficiencies.

Astute’s component expertise covers a vast range of industrial applications. Our franchise partners have all been specially selected for their ability to support diverse manufacturing and industrial sectors as well as their Mil-Grade and Hi-Rel components.

Supported by Astute’s team of technical advisers, and alongside our supply at every tier of their supply chains, we provide direct electronics components and solutions, bespoke delivery, and logistics to the world’s best-known OEMs in power systems, oil & gas, transportation, instrumentation, and medical equipment.

Astute Credentials

  • 70+ Hi-Rel Franchise Partners
  • Cyber Essentials security certification

Our Scope of Supply

Electronics. Electro-mechanical. Electrical consumables. Mechanical. Service provisions kitting. IT hardware. Cable assemblies. Consumables. Obsolescence Management. Hand tools. Communication Segments & Interfaces, Control Devices, Machine Vision Systems, Robotics and Sensors. Components for systems across Programmable Logic Controllers, Control and Data Acquisition, Enterprise Resource and Planning, Distributed Control, Human Machine Interfaces, Product Lifecycle Management and Manufacturing Execution Systems.

Serviceable Asset Location & Utilisation System (SALUS)

Astute’s SALUS accurately tracks and reports on the location, status, and condition of high-value equipment and devices both indoors and outdoors across different areas and buildings on your sites. SALUS condition and status monitoring can dramatically increase productivity, reduce management costs, and increase operational efficiency.

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“The Industry 4.0 evolution to a fully digital production environment, has the potential to greatly increase resource optimisation and overall business returns across manufacturing.”

Kevin Baker
Franchise Division Manager
Astute Group

Our Franchised

Astute is deeply embedded in industrial automation, offering bespoke electronic component engineering for diverse applications within factory automation, power systems, robotics, smart sensing, computer vision, and many others.
We collaborate with franchises known for their mil-standard components, providing scalable solutions like asset tracking and collaboration systems, ensuring operational efficiency and futureproofing against component scarcity.


Technical design support and distribution of 70+ component manufacturers.

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Take advantage of Astute’s world leading counterfeit avoidance program. Trusted by life-critical device manufacturers for decades.

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Effective consolidation of complex supply-chain elements that enable you to focus on your core areas of value.

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20 Feb 2024 - Industrial

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AI’s rocketing demand to drive server DRAM

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionise the tech industry, and its insatiable appetite for processing power is fueling a surge in memory demand, particularly for server DRAM.

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