The drive to Net Zero is underway – Future mobility is electric

According to a recent sector report by Reuters, global car manufacturers plan to commit some $300billion to accelerate electric vehicle technology in the run up to 2030.

That figure excludes significant related EV spend by automotive suppliers, technology firms and large corporations in other industries ranging from energy and aerospace to electronics and telecommunications.

The EV transition is reshaping the world’s automotive sector and opens new opportunity in changes in the supply chains originally formed around ICE vehicles.
The challenges to extend driving range, provide convenient rapid charging infrastructure and make EV purchase affordable for more consumers are matched by manufacturers’ ambitions to use ever-more sophisticated technology to develop a smarter, connected and distinctive driving experience.
Already partnering with some of leading EV charging system and battery technology corporations across the globe, Astute understands the needs of the electric vehicle market.
Our global sourcing services help both manufacturers and suppliers find the components they need to develop the EV technologies and offerings that are smoothing the road to mainstream adoption.

Leveraging and extending our well-established experience in the automotive, military vehicle and rail sectors, Astute’s EV franchise manufacturer portfolio also includes a range of component manufacturers specialising in solutions for the electric vehicle market.

And we not only deliver you with class-leading levels of parts procurement and ongoing project support but can provide you with front-end design engineering contributions from experts in their field to help make your new concepts a reality.

Vehicle charging infrastructure distribution

Astute has teamed up with Kayal global leader in
the field of combination box and photovoltaic module products, to distribute their EV charging infrastructure across the UK. As a result, Astute customers gain access to Kayal’s full EV infrastructure building expertise.

Commercial, domestic and public charging solutions

Astute now offers Kayal charging products across a range of power-grades for residential, commercial and public use.

Energy storage cabinets and photovoltaic products

Products for commercial and domestic EV charging installations including AC, DC, and portable charging stations, energy storage cabinets and a full range of associated photovoltaic products.

Battery and charging system distribution

Astute is a franchised distributor of battery and charging systems for Bren-Tronics the New York-based global battery technology leader renowned for mil-grade quality for over 50 years.

High rate bulk and lightweight chargers

As well as an extensive portfolio of rechargeable, non-rechargeable batteries, Bren-Tronics produces a comprehensive range of high bulk rate and portable chargers.

“The EV revolution continues to see Astute partnering with the best and using our combined expertise to release extensive added value across our wider customer base”

Mark Shanley
Sales & Marketing Director

Our Franchised

Astute leverages its expertise from military, rail, and automotive sectors to advance the electric vehicle (EV) industry, addressing the challenges of EV technology development.
With global sourcing and component engineering services, we support EV manufacturers in finding essential components, partnering with franchises specialising in EV solutions, and contributing to the mainstream adoption of EVs.


Technical design support and distribution of 70+ component manufacturers.

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Effective consolidation of complex supply-chain elements that enable you to focus on your core areas of value.

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