Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised distributor and technical partner for Redler Technologies.
Redler are devoted to servo motion control and power distribution engineering, specialising in developing and supplying harsh environment, intelligent solid state PDUs and circuit breakers alongside servo motion solutions for defence mobile platforms.

Astute and Redler will support you with the off-the-shelf, modified or Built-To-Spec project solutions.


• Automotive • IoT
• Aviation • Electric Vehicles



Rich Ford
Power Technical BDM
[email protected]


SSPC – Solid State Power control

The Power Rider PDU family line provides a viable and powerful intelligent power distribution unit solution with advanced electrical power protection, management, distribution and maintenance capabilities in a cost-effective manner.

Solid State Smart Electronics Circuit Breakers & Relays

Power Rider DC circuit breakers, relays and PDUs – for mission-critical systems and different loads. The Power Riders protect the systems and themselves simultaneously with Redler’s fully resilient, electrical protection patent and allows advanced power management.

Servo Motion Controllers

Rayon Servo Motion controllers offer a variety of power densities, extend a compact design, and have a whole array of applications including those within harsh environments.