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Introducing the revolutionary SOLIVUS ARC®. The new shape of home solar.

The SolivusArc® is perfect for anyone who wants to generate their own green energy independently from the grid.

The SolivusArc® went into manufacture in 2022 and generates enough energy to be able to power an electric vehicle for 5,000-10,000 miles a year for at least 20 years depending on your location.

Captures maximum energy

When placed in a south facing position, with as much exposure to east and west sun as possible.

Fully recyclable

Created using organic, thin-film solar, it is recyclable and contains no rare earth materials.

Tiny Carbon Footprint

Placed in the optimum location, the Solivus Arc can pay back its own carbon footprint in as approximately 3 months.

Globally awarded technology

The revolutionary thin-film organic solar film fabric has already been awarded several global sustainability awards.

Patented Optimised Shape

Its curved design is optimised to capture maximum energy from the sun from a small area of ground space.

More about

Solivus® wants to make the world a better place. We are passionate about making a difference to the environment by creating truly sustainable, clean energy products for a fast, evolving market. 

Our innovative, ultra-lightweight fabric has been designed for the residential and commercial sectors but we want to expand our reach and make it available to man.

Visit the Solivus® website

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