Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised distributor and technical partner for IST AG in the EMEA regions.

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of physical, chemical and biological sensors.

IST AG specialise in the development and manufacturing of temperature sensors, thermal mass flow sensors, humidity sensors and modules, conductivity sensors and biosensors.

IST AG’s subsidiaries include Jobst Technologies, Infrasolid and Senstech


• Aerospace • Air Conditioning
• Automotive • Medical Devices
• E-Mobility • Renewable Energy
• Fuel Cell • Space
• Heating & Ventilation • Transportation



Stewart Burns
Passives & Discretes Technical BDM
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Active and passive temperature sensors available as standard and customised. Providing a wide measuring range, long-term stability and high accuracy.


Thermal gas flow and liquid flow sensors and modules. Delivering a large dynamic range, high sensitivity as well as long-term stability.


Available as adaptable humidity modules and humidity elements. These sensors have excellent accuracy and high chemical resistance for capacitive humidity measurement.


Sensors for high accuracy, conductivity measurement with high chemical resistance. Also available with an optional integrated temperature sensor for optimal accuracy.


Single or multiparametric measurement including glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate. Exceptional long-term stability allows for continuous monitoring or use in an analyser mode.

New! Moisture in Oil Sensor

For more details download our product specification sheet.

Micro Heaters

For use in devices necessitating a small but accurate heat source with precise temperature control.

Can be customised to fit specific application requirements.

Thermal Infrared Emitters

Miniaturized infrared sources in SMD housing (HISsmd series)

For use in miniaturized gas sensors.

Low energy consumption, high efficiency and small size make them a perfect fit for portable and battery powered applications.

Black-body infrared sources in TO39/TO5 package (HISbasic series) 

High efficiency and optical output power is achieved in these emitters by using an integrated gold-plated reflector to direct radiation emitted from the rear to the front.

High-power infrared sources in TO-8 housing (HISpower series)

These emitters achieve maximum efficiency by using an integrated gold-plated reflector to direct radiation emitted from the rear to the front through the housing window.

The new SFS Flow Module is a ready-to-use, linearized mass flow module for gases

The SFS Flow Module is primarily used in gas supply, gas dosing systems, analyzers and manifolds, but is also suitable for process control, e.g. in modified atmosphere conditions for the measurement of low flow rates.

This makes this flow module ideally suited for integration in medical devices. In environmental technology the SFS module can be used in measuring instruments for gas analysis and for continuous emission monitoring.

Thanks to its bi-directional calorimetric measurement, the SFS Flow Module provides fast, continuous gas flow monitoring with a response time ≤ 20 ms. It comes factory-linearized with a repeatability of 0.2 % and an accuracy of up to 2 % f.s. and is available in three versions for different flow rates +/-50 sccm, +/-200 sccm and +/-1000 sccm.

The flow module has both, an analogue and a digital I2C output and is equipped with two address pins. Another advantage of the new SFS Flow Module is its compact design. With an installation space of only 50 x 40 x 20 mm, it is sufficiently small for integration into a measuring unit.

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Anniversary Brochure

Celebrating 30 year of iST AG

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Product Guide

Sensing what matters.

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Multi-parametric measurement, with excellent long-term stability for continuous monitoring, or analyzer operation mode

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Conductivity Sensors

Conductivity measurement with high chemical resistance and optional integrated temperature sensor, for optimal accuracy

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Flow Sensors & Modules

Thermal gas and liquid flow sensors with large dynamic range, high sensitivity and excellent long-term stability

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Humidity Sensors & Modules

Capacitive humidity measurement with excellent accuracy and high chemical resistance, available as sensor components and modules

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For precise heating of solids, liquids and gases

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Temperature Sensors

Wide temperature measurement range with excellent long-term stability and high accuracy

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