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Asset Tracking

By reporting location, condition and status of assets and equipment, SALUS can dramatically increase productivity, and reduce management costs, resulting in increased operational efficiency.

Astute SALUS gives you the ability to accurately track people, tools, equipment, both indoors and outdoors on the same network.

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Location reporting of assets to <2m

Astute’s SALUS offers unparalleled accuracy in asset location reporting, achieving less than 2 meters precision.

This feature is critical for sectors like medical, military and aerospace, where precise tracking of equipment and personnel across extensive areas is imperative for both operational success and security.

Reports location, status and condition

Using tags and sensors, SALUS provides comprehensive reports on the location, status, and condition of assets.

This functionality is vital in industries such as healthcare and construction, where the real-time condition of equipment directly impacts operational safety and efficiency, making it a key component in managing and optimising asset usage.

Track indoors and outdoors

With its advanced technology, SALUS is adept at tracking assets both indoors and outdoors across multiple floors and buildings.

This adaptability is crucial in environments like rail management and heavy industrial sites or warehouses, where assets are spread over large areas and diverse locations.

Increased operational efficiency

SALUS significantly enhances operational efficiency by enabling precise asset tracking and condition monitoring.

In medical environments, for instance, SALUS reduces the time and resources spent locating equipment, thereby increasing productivity, and reducing operational costs.

Ensures safety compliance

In high-risk sectors, SALUS ensures safety compliance by accurately tracking and reporting the condition of critical assets.

For example, in healthcare, real-time tracking of medical equipment and patients, especially those with dementia, enhances safety and care quality, thereby mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Reduces management costs

SALUS reduces management costs through its low-power, robust, and easy-to-install devices.

In sectors like rail, where assets vary in size and complexity, SALUS’s customisable tracking solutions lead to more efficient asset utilisation and maintenance, lowering overall management expenses.

Convert Technologies Partnership

SALUS has been created in partnership with Convert Technologies, a leading location and data reporting technology company.

Convert are a highly specialised and disruptive technology company with a mission to develop innovative technology around RF location and data reporting services.

Convert license their technology to partners for them to bring this technology to market.

Visit Convert Technologies website

Tag Range

Location Reporting & Secure Bi-directional Data Transfer.

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Case Study:
Astute Salus

Location Reporting of ESD Laboratory Coats (for Quarterly Security Audit Purposes).

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Downloads & Resources

Introduction to Salus

Find out what SALUS can do for you.

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Intelligent Location Reporting

Find out all about the latest SALUS technology, the i-TAG.

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