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Transforming Obsolescence into Opportunities to Develop New Technology

In the rapidly evolving world of electronics, obsolescence is inevitable.
Astute Electronics, with its unmatched expertise and global presence, pioneers in obsolescence management, ensuring businesses remain current, competitive, and ahead of the curve.

With a unique blend of services, from proactive market sweeps to our 10-year warranty, we stand as the reliable and agile partner in an ever-evolving industry.

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Market Sweeps

Astute’s proactive market sweeps ensure that businesses are always a step ahead, identifying potential obsolescence before it impacts operations.

Periodic checks

Regular checks on your BOM ensure that every component is current, reliable, and available, safeguarding against potential disruptions.
ERP Integrations

We can provide solutions to integrate with customer ERP systems, ensuring real-time updates and real-time seamless communication.

10 Year Warranty

Reliability is our promise. Every product sourced through Astute comes with a robust 10-year warranty, underlining our confidence in quality.

360-degree solutions

Our comprehensive logistics solutions cater to every need, from sourcing to delivery, offering a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Global Distribution

Our global distribution touchpoints ensure that wherever you are, Astute’s expertise and solutions are just a call away.

IDEA-STD-1010 Standard Testing

Upholding the highest standards, our IDEA-STD-1010 inspections ensure every component meets stringent quality criteria, delivering peace of mind with every transaction.

“With Astute, you’re choosing a future where obsolescence is not a setback, but an opportunity to improve.”

Geoff Hill
CEO – Astute Group

Counterfeit Avoidance

Take advantage of Astute’s world leading counterfeit avoidance program. Trusted by life-critical device manufacturers for decades.

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Long Term

Long-term storage in nitrogen-controlled cabinets to keep critical components in perfect conduction until required – 5, 10 even 15 years.

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The Team

An incredibly committed and experienced team with unmatched industry experienced.

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19 Apr 2024 - Industrial

Power electronics: past to future

The future of power electronics is undergoing a radical transformation driven by cutting-edge materials like Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC). These wide-bandgap semiconductors bring game-changing advantages, outperforming traditional silicon and redefining performance benchmarks.

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19 Apr 2024 - Defence

Astute Group widens connector range with GK Services Click Connect Series

Astute Group has signed an agreement with GK Services to globally distribute their Click Connect (formerly Deutsch) over-moulded connectors. This partnership reinforces Astute Group's commitment to providing a comprehensive range of interconnect solutions for demanding applications.

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Optimism returns to the US electronics sector

Renewed positivity is sweeping through America's electronics manufacturing sector, marking a sharp turnaround from the pessimism of 2023.

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