Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised distributor and technical partner for SynQor®.

SynQor is a leading supplier of power conversion solutions to the military, industrial, transportation, telecom/datacom and medical markets.

SynQor’s innovative products are designed to exceed the demanding performance, quality, and reliability requirements of today’s power electronic engineers and system integrators who develop leading-edge infrastructure hardware. We offer all of the power conversion modules needed to build a power system, and we also manufacture complete, cutting edge power systems. Our capabilities include both standard and custom solutions, and we deliver them with industry leading service and support.


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Power Technical BDM
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New SynQor

New Military Grade 3-Phase Programmable Power Supply


SynQor, Inc. has unveiled its latest innovation, the MPPS-4000-270, a compact and lightweight high output voltage programmable power supply, designed for military field use.

Download datasheet here

Advanced New 28 Vdc Input 3U VPX with Extended Hold-Up

SynQor Inc. announces its latest 28 Vdc input VPX power supply featuring extended hold-up designed for critical aerospace and shipboard applications: the VPX-3U-DC28TH.

Download datasheet here

Full Product

SynQor MilQor Hi-Rel

SynQor’s range of high reliability Isolated DC-DC Converters, Bus Converters and EMI Filters.

SynQor MilQor Mil-COTS

SynQor’s range of ruggedised DC-DC converters, EMI filters and PFC modules for Military “Off-The-Shelf” applications.

SynQor Industrial

SynQor’s range of industrial grade DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies and EMI filters.

SynQor Medical

SynQor’s range of DC-DC converters and AC-DC power supplies for the medical applications.

SynQor Military UPS

SynQor’s weather-proof, shock-proof, sealed, hot swappable internal lithium battery UPS family are designed to meet military standards.

SynQor RailQor

SynQor’s RailQor products are designed to meet EN50155 European standard.

SynQor VPX

SynQor’s VPX range of Mil-COTS VITA62 compliant power supplies for both AC-DC and DC-DC requirements.

SynQor NiQor

SynQor’s NiQor range of non-isolated DC-DC converters, available in high voltage, high efficiency and Mil-COTS options.

SynQor Military Power Supplies

Synqor’s Military Power Systems include the MAC AC Changer, MINV Power Inverter and MPS Power Supply. Each designed and build to meet the extremely demanding conditions of the military applications.

Downloads & Resources

SynQor Product Catalogue

Our power converters and systems catalogue

Click to download PDF

3-Phase Solutions Brochure

3-Phase to Single Phase AC Conversion with Balanced 3-Phase Currents

Click here to download PDF

AeroQor Brochure

SynQor’s AC-DC Solutions for Avionics

Click to download PDF

Industrial Brochure

Products for the industrial market environment

Click to download PDF

MCOTS-DC Brochure

Military Off-the-Shelf DC Power Converters & Filters

Click here to download PDF

Medical Brochure

AC-DC Power Supplies and DC-DC Converters

Click to download PDF

MilQor Hi-Rel Brochure

Hi-Rel Military Grade DC-DC Converters & Filters

Click to download PDF

RailQor Brochure

Rail Transportation Isolated DC-DC Converters

Click here to download PDF

UPS Brochure

Military Field Grade Uninterruptible Power Supply

Click to download PDF

White Papers

SynQor White Paper

Defining an Intelligent Pin-Out for High Amperage DC/DC Converters

Click to download PDF

SynQor White Paper

High Efficiency Pays (and it’s Green)

Click to download PDF

SynQor White Paper

Overview of SynQor’s Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera DC/DC Converters

Click to download PDF

SynQor White Paper

Discover a New World without Baseplates

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SynQor White Paper

A Two-Stage Approach to Highly Efficient, Super-Wide Input Voltage Range DC-DC Converters

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