Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised seller and technical partner for MICROOLED’s high-resolution near-eye screens and displays.
MICROOLED is today delivering high performance Near-Eye Displays (NED) for a wide range of products, such as video glasses, head-mounted sports devices, camera viewfinders, medical applications and many other professional devices worldwide.

With the world’s highest pixel density microdisplays and an ever increasing number of application fields, MICROOLED is a sustainable partner today and in the future.


• Communications • Networking
• Defence • Security
• Automotive • Transportation
• Industrial • Telecommunications



Andrew Parker
Applications Technical BDM
[email protected]


In terms of picture quality, the key advantages of MicroOled technology are:

  • True Black thanks to MICROOLED’s Ultra High Contrast.
  • MICROOLED’s Quad sub-pixel arrangement and high pixel density provide very sharp images and
  • excellent clarity.
  • Very High Uniformity: With our technology long range or pixel-to-pixel uniformity is excellent.
  • A very high contrast: Our contrast is greater than 10 000:1
  • Response time is very fast, so a moving image has no lag

Other advantages:

  • Very low power consumption
  • Very compact: no backlight

In addition to their range of standard products, Astute can provide technical support to develop customer-specific solutions in conjunction with the manufacturer