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Harnessing two centuries of tech wisdom, we guide customers to the best solutions through industry insight and application expertise.

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Geoff Hill
CEO – Astute Group

Focus at SSD slot

17 Jun 2024 - Defence

US Government’s Chinese Semiconductor Ban Shakes Up Defence Industry

The US defence industry is facing a major shake-up as the government moves to ban certain Chinese-made semiconductors from its supply chain. This sweeping restriction, set to take effect in December 2027, could disrupt existing contracts and significantly impact future procurement, potentially increasing costs and causing delays.

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14 Jun 2024 - Defence

Webinars for Defence, Military, and Aerospace Engineers 

Astute Group and SynQor, a proven partnership in defence power solutions, announce The Full Power Partnership webinar series, designed to equip engineers with the knowledge and tools to overcome the unique power challenges faced in the defence sector.

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13 Jun 2024 - Industrial

SSD and Memory Price Hikes Expected to Hit Consumers in 2024

The electronics industry is bracing for another round of price increases for SSDs and memory, as major players like Dell and Samsung warn of rising component costs and production cuts. These price hikes, expected to reach 15-20% in the second half of 2024, are attributed to increased demand, particularly from the burgeoning AI sector, and reduced supply due to production cutbacks.

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