Astute have created the Astute Intelligent Marketplace to provide meaningful insights into how best to manage your excess inventory.

The AIM will provide you with Smart data which allows professionals across Materials, Finance and Supply Chain to mitigate inventory liabilities.

Partner with Astute – we are the prime vehicle for disposition of E & O material. We will provide feedback on ‘the state of the market’, with detail including how to sell at the peak of demand to maximise return.

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Enhanced Market Awareness

  • Understand data fully across the spectrum
  • Gain feedback on the ‘state of the market’
  • Make smarter, more efficient decisions
  • Take full ownership of your assets/liabilities

Access Clear, Aggregated Data

  • Manufacturers/OEMs that drive trends.
  • Global brokers and franchised partners
  • EMS market projections – region by region
  • Geopolitical trend data

Smarter Decision Making

  • Improve balance sheet and cash flow
  • Sell stock when it hits a peak
  • Maximise your return on assets/liabilities
  • Gain actionable advice for all stakeholders/li>

Selling Strategies

  • Quickly dispose of redundant inventory
  • Learn efficient ways to liquidate assets
  • Understand when to sell/hold assets
  • Meet short- to long-term financial goals

Data Management

  • Access all data in one place
  • Breeze through complex data-crunching exercises
  • Reduce human errors in data analysis
  • Gain time against the market

Customer and Support Feedback

  • Assistance across stakeholders
  • Advice for Supply Chain, Finance, Materials
  • Flexible management solutions
  • Cost saving exercises

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Japan: Defence spending fuels rising economic hopes

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