Astute Electronics is an authorised, franchised seller and technical partner for Lex TM3, a leading manufacturer of innovative interconnect, power distribution, and power control systems for military applications.

Lex TM3 specialize in smart and conventional portable power systems including distribution boxes, assemblies, connectors, cable protectors and other products designed to withstand rough use and harsh environments.

Lex TM3 LLC was formed after a merger of Lex Products Corp, a pioneer and market leader in the field of portable and specialty power distribution for over 25 years, and TM3 Systems Inc., a developer of patent-pending, cutting-edge technology for smart power applications such as microgrids and hybrid power systems.


• Armed Forces • Aerospace
• Government Contracts • Homeland Security



Ian White
Interconnect Solutions Technical BDM
[email protected]

Key Products

Class L Mil 22992

Lex TM3 Systems Class L Heavy Duty Connectors are ruggedly constructed and tested to stand up to the rigors of unforgiving environments. This class represents the largest size cylindricals, and offer the performance demanded of both industrial and military applications. The design features of this connector series provide:


  • Greatest capacity – current ranges 40 to 200 amps, conductor sizes 6 to 4/0.
  • Safety – complete protection of personnel and equipment if connectors are inadvertently disconnected under load.
  • Foolproof mating – design incorporates specific voltage, current, frequency, phase and grounding requirements.
  • Standardisation – Class L insert arrangements specify connector/ cable combinations for maximum reliability.
  • Serviceable contacts – contacts are normally crimped to the cable before connector assembly. No insertion tools required. Bushings are available to adapt smaller diameter wires to larger contacts.

QWLD Mil 22992

Cable Assemblies

Mobile Electric Power

In addition to their range of standard products, Astute can provide technical support to develop customer-specific solutions in conjunction with the manufacturer.