19 Apr 2024 - Industrial

Power electronics: past to future

The future of power electronics is undergoing a radical transformation driven by cutting-edge materials like Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC). These wide-bandgap semiconductors bring game-changing advantages, outperforming traditional silicon and redefining performance benchmarks.

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19 Apr 2024 - Defence

Astute Group widens connector range with GK Services Click Connect Series

Astute Group has signed an agreement with GK Services to globally distribute their Click Connect (formerly Deutsch) over-moulded connectors. This partnership reinforces Astute Group's commitment to providing a comprehensive range of interconnect solutions for demanding applications.

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17 Apr 2024 - Defence

Astute Group offers Oxley EMI filters and filtered connectors for signal integrity and regulatory compliance

Astute Group brings Oxley's world-class EMI filtering solutions to engineers battling signal noise and seeking to ensure compliance with stringent electromagnetic compatibility regulations. Oxley, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality EMI filters, offers a comprehensive range of components designed to protect sensitive electronics across various industries.

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16 Apr 2024 - Defence

China’s complex trade with Russia fuels war effort

China's deepening trade relationship with Russia is proving a major lifeline for Moscow, allowing it to defy Western sanctions and rapidly rebuild its military capabilities following significant losses in Ukraine. US officials warn that China is supplying vital electronics components, drone technology, microchips, and materials crucial for Russia's weapons production, effectively undermining sanctions designed to cripple its war machine.

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16 Apr 2024 - Defence

Astute Group offers Amphenol Rhino connectors for extreme use

Astute Group is your trusted partner for robust connectivity solutions designed to withstand the toughest environments.

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11 Apr 2024 - Defence

Astute Group offers APEM Thumb Controls for Drones – UAVs & UGVs

Astute Group offers the APEM range of thumb controls from Apem, a range of compact and ergonomic joysticks suitable for use in drones (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), robotics, and harsh environments.

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09 Apr 2024 - Defence

Astute Group offers high-speed, power-efficient LEAP OBT transceiver from Amphenol

Astute Group offers the Amphenol LEAP OBT 12-TRX 300G NRZ, a compact, high-bandwidth on-board transceiver designed to meet the needs of data-intensive applications across a wide range of industries.

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08 Apr 2024 - Defence

IBM bolsters trusted chip supply chain

IBM has secured a significant $576 million contract to shore up the US military's supply of secure and trusted semiconductors, underscoring the escalating focus on technological sovereignty in the sensitive defense sector. According to the report in Military & Aerospace Electronics, the focus is on creating a trusted manufacturing environment within IBM's commercial facilities, where advanced microelectronics can be produced with strict security measures. These safeguards will help prevent tampering, reverse engineering, and other threats to sensitive military technologies.

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03 Apr 2024 - Defence

Astute Group offers Oxley defence-grade LED lighting and lamps for mission-critical applications

Astute Group brings Oxley's expertise in defence-grade LED lighting solutions to engineers seeking durability, performance, and customisation for harsh environments. Oxley products are designed to withstand the rigours of military, aerospace, and demanding industrial applications, ensuring reliable operation when visibility and long-term functionality are essential.

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02 Apr 2024 - Defence

US systems open to vulnerabilities via Chinese PCBs, warns former DoD expert

The widespread use of Chinese-made printed circuit boards (PCBs) poses a critical threat to US military systems and essential infrastructure like the power grid, warns former DoD official Al Shaffer in EETimes. These seemingly innocuous components could contain hidden backdoors and kill switches, giving China devastating leverage in a conflict.

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28 Mar 2024 - Defence

Defense sector ramps up amid global rearmament

The world is witnessing a dramatic surge in defense spending as nations scramble to replenish stockpiles and bolster their military capabilities in the face of escalating geopolitical tensions. A new report from GlobalData highlights the immense pressure on global supply chains as countries race to produce the munitions and equipment essential for high-intensity warfare.

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20 Mar 2024 - Defence

Astute Group offers Huber + Suhner RF solutions for military & defence

Astute Group is your trusted partner for mission-critical RF connectivity solutions.

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20 Mar 2024 - Defence

Astute Group offers SynQor VPX power systems for defence and industrial applications

Astute Group is your trusted partner for mission-critical VPX power systems.

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19 Mar 2024 - Defence

Electronic Terminations signs distribution agreement with Astute Group

Products manufactured by Electronic Terminations (ETL) will now be marketed and sold globally by Astute Group after the two companies signed a distribution agreement.

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15 Mar 2024 - Defence

A&D sector looks to AI to navigate growth and disruption

The Aerospace and Defence (A&D) industry is in a pinch, facing surging demand fueled by geopolitical uncertainty and a renewed focus on military readiness. As the recent Deloitte 2024 Aerospace and Defense Industry Outlook highlights, “supply chains remain one of the most persistent [challenges]” threatening to hinder the sector’s ability to capitalise on this growth. […]

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14 Mar 2024 - Defence

Advanced new military UPS eases system integration

Packed with features, the UPS-1500-x-1U-4 provides military power designers with a flexible and reliable solution that outperforms competitors in output power, efficiency, and size, says SynQor Inc.

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12 Mar 2024 - Defence

Japan considers UNICORN antenna export to India

Japan is set to further its security partnership with India by considering the export of cutting-edge naval communications antennas. The potential sale of the NORA-50 ‘UNICORN’ antenna would mark just the second export of Japanese defense equipment since restrictions were eased in 2014, demonstrating a significant shift in the country’s defence industry.

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05 Mar 2024 - Defence

Russian arms industry faces labour shortages & technology limitations

Russia's arms industry, currently operating at full tilt to meet 'wartime' demands, faces a critical shortage of skilled workers and high-tech components, claims this article in Defense News, throwing a wrench into the Kremlin's narrative of a thriving defence sector, and highlighting potential limitations on Russia's long-term military capabilities.

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28 Feb 2024 - Defence

Japan: Defence spending fuels rising economic hopes

Japan's recent stock market rally, while buoyed by foreign investment, offers a limited snapshot of the country's economic landscape. The reality is a complex interplay of positive and negative trends, leaving the nation's economic future delicately balanced.

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27 Feb 2024 - Defence

US tightens screws on Russia with sweeping sanctions

The US has significantly ramped up pressure on Russia with a sweeping package of sanctions targeting individuals, companies, and sectors crucial to the Russian economy, reports Reuters. This move coincides with the second anniversary of the Ukraine invasion and the death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

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09 Feb 2024 - Defence

Leonardo and Saudi Arabia signs agreement

Defence prime, Leonardo, has formalised a significant collaboration with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The memorandum of understanding, signed recently, underscores a strategic partnership between the Italian-based company, which has government backing, and Saudi Arabia, aiming to bolster mutual interests in aerospace and defence sectors.

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