09 Apr 2024 -

Astute Group offers high-speed, power-efficient LEAP OBT transceiver from Amphenol

Astute Group offers the Amphenol LEAP OBT 12-TRX 300G NRZ, a compact, high-bandwidth on-board transceiver designed to meet the needs of data-intensive applications across a wide range of industries.

Whether you’re designing cutting-edge networking infrastructure, powerful servers, AI accelerators, or mission-critical military communications systems, the LEAP OBT delivers the speed and reliability you demand.

With a data rate of up to 25 Gbps per channel, the LEAP OBT enables lightning-fast data transfer, minimising bottlenecks and accelerating application performance. Its small form factor is ideal for space-constrained boards, while its power efficiency helps maximise performance within tight thermal budgets.

Recognising that many applications operate in harsh environments, Amphenol offers two versions of the LEAP OBT. The standard version features an operating case temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, while the ruggedised military-grade version can withstand extreme shock, vibration, and wider temperature fluctuations.

Additional features that set the LEAP OBT apart include:

  • Removable fibre optic cable for installation flexibility and ease of service
  • Captive screws for secure attachment and simplified field maintenance

To simplify the design and evaluation process, Astute Group provides an evaluation board for the LEAP OBT 12-TRX module. This allows engineers to thoroughly assess its capabilities and ensure seamless integration into their designs.

Astute Group is an authorised design-in partner for Amphenol.

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