19 Apr 2024 - Industrial

Power electronics: past to future

The future of power electronics is undergoing a radical transformation driven by cutting-edge materials like Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC). These wide-bandgap semiconductors bring game-changing advantages, outperforming traditional silicon and redefining performance benchmarks.

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22 Jan 2024 - General

How Houthi attacks are reshaping global shipping

Is the global shipping industry facing a new challenge in the Red Sea? Recent Houthi rebel attacks in this crucial maritime corridor have raised serious concerns, affecting supply chains and freight costs worldwide, with implications for various sectors, including the electronics industry.

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17 Jan 2024 - General

The hunt for electronics engineers: A Where’s Wally? moment

Finding an experienced electronics engineer is starting to feel like a game of Where's Wally? They are definitely there, somewhere among the crowd, but increasingly difficult to spot!

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16 Jan 2024 - General

APEM’s quality system proves its NATO-listed manufacturing excellence

APEM's range of switches is rigorously tested to MIL-DTL standards to ensure they meet the demanding requirements of military applications. MIL-DTL is a comprehensive set of standards developed by the Department of Defense (DOD) to test the durability, reliability, and performance of components used in military equipment.

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10 Jan 2024 - General

DRAM price hikes: Temporary blip or new normal?

There's rumors in the market about an upward trend in DRAM prices. Analysts at TrendForce estimate a jump of 13-18% in contract prices, a significant shift from the recent downward trend.

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09 Jan 2024 - General

AI boom fuels chip sales: What to expect in 2024

"Welcome to 2024: it promises to be quite the AI ride," declares Forbes contributor Karl Freund, highlighting the "explosive growth" of the AI market. This growth is fuelled by a diverse range of applications, from autonomous vehicles and edge computing to healthcare diagnostics and creative content production. As TrendForce notes, "demand for AI chips across various sectors is surging," fueled by advancements in natural language processing and computer vision.

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05 Jan 2024 - General

Tech that’s helping us hit sustainability targets

How is technology revolutionising sustainability? As we move through 2024, the tech sector is expected to play a specific and transformative role in environmental sustainability, reports Global Spec. This shift is driven not just by a commitment to combat climate change but also by impending government regulations. One of the key areas is the adoption […]

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01 Jan 2024 - General

Happy New Year! Astute’s 2024 forecast is here

Happy New Year! Astute's 2024 forecast is here

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30 Dec 2023 - General

Samsung and SK Hynix boost semiconductor investments

In a significant move for the electronics industry, Samsung and SK Hynix have announced plans to ramp up their investments in semiconductor equipment in 2024. Samsung is set to increase its investment by 25%, reaching approximately 27 trillion won, while SK Hynix plans a dramatic 100% increase from this year's investment, aiming for around 5.3 trillion won (1 trillion South Korean Won is $777,139,650)

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29 Dec 2023 - General

Intel will receive $3.2 billion in Israeli funding to build chip factories

Intel's significant investment in Israel's technology sector marks a momentous occasion, as the company has committed to establishing a new $25 billion chip plant, supported by a $3.2 billion grant from the Israeli government, reports Reuters. This investment represents the largest by a company in Israel and signals a robust vote of confidence in the region's burgeoning tech industry.

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22 Dec 2023 - General

Semiconductor equipment sales to gain pace

SEMI's latest report forecasts a dynamic shift in the global semiconductor equipment market, with sales expected to reach an impressive $124 billion by 2025. This projection follows a temporary dip to $100 billion in 2023, a 6.1% decrease from the record $107.5 billion achieved in 2022. However, growth is anticipated to resume in 2024, setting the stage for a remarkable recovery.

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21 Dec 2023 - General

AI chips: boom-bust cycle?

The U.S. is intensifying its restrictions on AI chip sales to China, leading to sustained high demand and prices in the market, a situation echoed by Deliotte Insights. This scenario has caused a scarcity of AI chips in the open market, with prices remaining significantly high.

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20 Dec 2023 - General

NAND flash and HDD prices set for big hike

In a development set to impact the electronics industry significantly, ADATA's chairman, Simon Chen, recently announced a forecast of soaring memory chip prices and a looming shortage. Chen predicts a tight supply of memory chips that could last up to two years, stemming from major NAND Flash manufacturers slashing production by 40% to 60%. This reduction is expected to deplete the market's accumulated inventory by early next year, leading to an inevitable price surge.

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19 Dec 2023 - Medical

An explanation of wear leveling in NAND Flash

Imagine you have a favorite pair of sneakers that you wear every single day, rain or shine. Over time, the soles begin to wear out unevenly, causing discomfort and affecting your gate, how you stand, and even your performance when playing sports. Now, convert this scenario to the digital world, and you'll find an analogous concept at play when talking about NAND flash memory:  Wear Leveling.

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19 Dec 2023 - Defence

AOG Technics in dawn raid, one arrest

The UK's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has launched a major criminal investigation into AOG Technics Ltd, an aircraft parts supplier. This action follows a raid in London, where one individual was arrested, reports Reuters.

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14 Dec 2023 - Medical

Nanoscience and nanotechnology: navigating the ten challenges

As the electronics industry ventures into the microscopic realms of nanoscience and nanotechnology, experts are grappling with challenges that hold the key to future advancements. The promise of this field, characterised by the engineering of systems at a nanoscale, is colossal, stretching across sectors from healthcare to environmental sustainability, writes Science.org.

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13 Dec 2023 - Defence

Amphenol Stingray 7 – A crucial connection for risky missions

Available in sand, olive and black, STINGRAY 7 looks and acts the part, offering unrivalled connectivity for applications where movement and speed are critical. Easily disconnect body worn devices or dock airbourne devices such as drones. The only connector of its kind on the market, STINGRAY 7 improves on Amphenol’s previous STINGRAY connectors to make it the ultimate magnetic connector.

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12 Dec 2023 - General

Which EMI filter tests best in harsh environments?

Failing an EMC test can feel like a major project setback – especially when you’re working with military applications, where stringent harsh-environment standards are a must.

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07 Dec 2023 - General

Shift in electronics supply chain: from scarcity to surplus

The electronics industry is currently navigating a significant shift from a period of shortage to a surplus of inventory. Initially, the pandemic-induced component shortages led to panic-buying, resulting in a massive $250 billion glut in the U.S. electronics inventory. This situation was exacerbated by extended lead times and increased consumer electronics purchases during lockdowns.

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06 Dec 2023 - General

Electronics industry accused of failing to meet emissions targets

In a striking rebuke, Greenpeace has called out the global electronics industry for its inadequate efforts in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. A recent report by the environmental group scrutinised the decarbonisation initiatives of eleven leading electronics companies, finding their actions insufficiently aligned with the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement.

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01 Dec 2023 - General

NAND Flash market heads towards shortage, Phison CEO forecasts

The NAND Flash market is set for a significant shift, as Phison's CEO, Pua Khein-Seng, predicts a shortage in the coming year. This forecast emerges amid a backdrop of production reductions by major memory chip manufacturers and a revitalizing end market, leading to a resurgence in NAND Flash prosperity and price hikes.

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