11 Apr 2024 -
 Defence, Industrial

Astute Group offers APEM Thumb Controls for Drones – UAVs & UGVs

APEM Mil HMI Drones UAVs

Astute Group offers the APEM range of thumb controls from Apem, a range of compact and ergonomic joysticks suitable for use in drones (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), robotics, and harsh environments.

Designed for demanding applications in industries like defense, aerospace, and industrial automation, APEM thumb controls offer exceptional precision and durability. The robust construction ensures reliability in even the most challenging conditions, and optional features like contactless Hall effect technology and force feedback deliver enhanced performance and a superior user experience.

Our new APEM and Astute drone control selection guide is available through this page.

In the military sector, HMI solutions require reliability, resistance to harsh conditions, adaptability for easy integration, and durability for extended missions. The aim is to ensure operator safety and guarantee optimum performance even in the most demanding conditions of complex missions. APEM’s quality system ensures that number of our switches comply with multiple certifications, e.g. MIL-STD-3950, -83731 and CECC quality standard (96401-001, 96201-005, 96201-008) taking into account critical factors such as external design, rigorous testing and expected performance.

APEM’s thumb controls are available in various configurations and sizes, with options for sealing, backlighting, and custom markings to suit specific application requirements. Their versatile design makes them ideal for integration into remote controls, handheld devices, and operator panels.

Astute Group is an authorised design-in partner for APEM.

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