19 Apr 2024 -

Astute Group widens connector range with GK Services Click Connect Series

GK services

Astute Group has signed an agreement with GK Services to globally distribute their Click Connect (formerly Deutsch) over-moulded connectors. This partnership reinforces Astute Group’s commitment to providing a comprehensive range of interconnect solutions for demanding applications.

Click Connect connectors are renowned for their robust environmental sealing, making them ideal for use in harsh environments across industries like automotive, transportation, industrial automation, and off-highway equipment. They offer exceptional resistance to vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures.

“Deutsch built up a loyal base for their Quick Connect series that GK services took over and rebranded as Click Connect: a change of words but the same quality and dependability!” said Andy Jefkins, Technical BDM Interconnect Solutions. “Their robust, environmentally sealed connectors meet the stringent demands of our customers operating in challenging environments. This partnership further solidifies our position as a trusted supplier of high-performance interconnect solutions.”

Astute Group’s extensive global presence and technical expertise provide customers with seamless access to the full range of GK Services Click Connect products. The company’s strong relationships and direct access to the engineering teams of nearly 100 franchised manufacturers ensure expert design-in support and streamlined supply chains.

Astute Group is an authorised global design-in partner for GK Services.

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