17 Jun 2024 - Defence

US Government’s Chinese Semiconductor Ban Shakes Up Defence Industry

The US defence industry is facing a major shake-up as the government moves to ban certain Chinese-made semiconductors from its supply chain. This sweeping restriction, set to take effect in December 2027, could disrupt existing contracts and significantly impact future procurement, potentially increasing costs and causing delays.

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20 Mar 2024 - Defence

Astute Group offers SynQor VPX power systems for defence and industrial applications

Astute Group is your trusted partner for mission-critical VPX power systems.

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14 Feb 2024 - Medical

Medical Tech: AI and collaboration drive supply chain revolution

The healthcare industry is poised for a transformative shift in 2024, propelled by the integration of cutting-edge technologies and collaborative strategies. A crucial aspect of this evolution lies in the reimagining of supply chain dynamics, underpinned by the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and enhanced collaboration among stakeholders.

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19 Dec 2023 - Medical

An explanation of wear leveling in NAND Flash

Imagine you have a favorite pair of sneakers that you wear every single day, rain or shine. Over time, the soles begin to wear out unevenly, causing discomfort and affecting your gate, how you stand, and even your performance when playing sports. Now, convert this scenario to the digital world, and you'll find an analogous concept at play when talking about NAND flash memory:  Wear Leveling.

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14 Dec 2023 - Medical

Nanoscience and nanotechnology: navigating the ten challenges

As the electronics industry ventures into the microscopic realms of nanoscience and nanotechnology, experts are grappling with challenges that hold the key to future advancements. The promise of this field, characterised by the engineering of systems at a nanoscale, is colossal, stretching across sectors from healthcare to environmental sustainability, writes Science.org.

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20 Sep 2023 - Medical

The rise of contract manufacturing for medical devices

There is a growing trend towards outsourcing the production of medical devices to contract manufacturers, writes Supply Chain Brain, driven by the need to speed up the product design cycle, meet rising demand, mitigate supply chain risk, and access hard-to-find electronics engineering expertise.

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01 Aug 2022 - Medical

Medtech industry applauds measure to bolster U.S. chip production

The U.S. Senate recently passed the CHIPS (Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors) and Science Act to provide more than $52 billion toward semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S. over the next five years.  Of that total, $50 billion would go toward semiconductor manufacturing, while $2 billion is earmarked specifically for producing so-called legacy chips that […]

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01 Aug 2022 - Medical

FDA adds AEDs and other medical devices to shortage list

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has added both wearable and non-wearable AEDs (defibrillators) , chest drains/suction canisters and autotransfusion systems to the list of medical devices in short supply. This is due to the level of supply expected for at least the rest of 2022. The FDA cited this due to both an […]

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14 Jul 2022 - Medical

Shortages make medical technology industry ‘more pessimistic’ as customers leave, says Deloitte

Medtech manufacturers have become more pessimistic about the semiconductor shortage, with respondents to a Deloitte survey predicting the disruption to continue into next year.

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13 Jan 2022 - Medical

Achieve efficiency and safety with SALUS asset tracking

Digital Transformation is helping to improve efficiency, productivity and safety within medical environments, as well as tackling some of the biggest challenges like infrastructure efficiency, energy management and natural resource reduction.     Within the digital transformation toolbox, asset tracking is gaining traction, with Gartner suggesting that 65% of enterprises will require indoor location asset tracking of both people and equipment to assist in operational decisions, by 2023.   SALUS – The asset […]

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16 Sep 2021 - Medical

GE medical reports squeeze on healthcare business

GE (General Electric) is warning investors that supply and labour shortages are squeezing its healthcare business this quarter, and that the pressure won’t likely let up in 2021, reports Medical Design & Outsourcing

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07 May 2020 - Medical

Smiths Medical ParaPAC ventilator enters field with support from Astute

Astute Electronics leveraged their logistics know-how to deliver vital supply-chain materials into the new ParaPAC ventilators from Smiths Medical, which are now helping save lives up and down the country. Deliveries of ParaPAC to hospitals began mid-April. The model was already being built before the COVID-19 outbreak. Smiths Medical had to increasing ParaPAC production from […]

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06 Apr 2020 - Medical

Analog Devices to prioritise medical customers

American semiconductor firm, Analog Devices (ADI), has announced it will be prioritising the needs of medical customers during the pandemic. In a press release last week, ADI said they are taking action to support customers during COVID-19 pandemic by expediting production of its healthcare technologies that can help fight COVID-19. These include critical measurement and […]

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20 Mar 2020 - Medical

Some good news – Foxconn re-opens Wuhan factory

You may be surprised to hear that today (20th March) is International Day of Happiness. With so much uncertainly around us, it might seem hard to feel happy. But there is some good news – Taiwan-based Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., AKA Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics maker, has gained approval to reopen its […]

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19 Mar 2020 - Medical

Astute Pandemic Preparedness Plan

Colleagues and Friends in the Industry, We want to reach out to each person and company that deals with Astute to wish you happiness and good health even in these challenging times. We are proud of how our industries are pulling together to support one another through the resilience of the individuals within the workforce; […]

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18 Mar 2020 - Medical

ADS Launch COVID-19 Information hub

Here at Astute, we want to provide support in these times of uncertainty to our friends and coleagues in the industries we work with. We believe that the best way to meet current challenges is to arm ourselves with information from trusted as reputable information.  Astute are members of ADS (Aerospace, Defence & Security Group) […]

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16 Mar 2020 - Medical

ADS blog digested – Covid-19: Government reactions to support industry

ADS, representing the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors, has been analysing the Government’s response to COVID-19, and what this might mean for the industry in both the short and long term. As it’s a rapidly changing situation, we’ll be checking in regularly with ADS. Their conclusions thus far: Likelihood of recession looks stronger: UK […]

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