28 Feb 2024 -

Japan: Defence spending fuels rising economic hopes

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Japan’s recent stock market rally, while buoyed by foreign investment, offers a limited snapshot of the country’s economic landscape. The reality is a complex interplay of positive and negative trends, leaving the nation’s economic future delicately balanced.

On the one hand, the Nikkei’s return to its 1989 peak suggests Japan’s undervalued assets are attracting international attention. However, the domestic economy remains fragile, with a recent recession and potential for further shrinkage in early 2024.

Yet, there are glimmers of hope emerging from Japan’s strategic sectors. Firstly, the country is prioritising its defence capabilities with a significant increase in spending. This marks a shift toward building a domestic defence technology industry that will counter the perceived threat from China. Crucially, this initiative will stimulate manufacturing and create opportunities for technological advancement within Japan.

Secondly, Japan is addressing its labour shortage through measured immigration. While concerns about social integration justifiably exist, the influx of workers offers an immediate economic boost.

Finally, the global shift away from over-reliance on China presents a unique opportunity for Japan. With its established infrastructure and skilled workforce, Japan is positioned to benefit as companies diversify their supply chains.

Japan stands at a pivotal moment. While positive trends exist, capitalizing on them requires decisive action, particularly in the realm of defence. By actively courting foreign direct investment (FDI), particularly within the defence technology sector, Japan can re-establish its position within the electronics supply chain. Attracting international companies and fostering collaboration will allow Japan to both drive its industrial development and harness the value of its engineering expertise.

The road to economic revitalization won’t be without obstacles, but by addressing its existing challenges and seizing emerging opportunities, Japan has a clear path toward bolstering its resilience and securing a brighter future.

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