20 Mar 2024 -
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Astute Group offers SynQor VPX power systems for defence and industrial applications

New - SynQor VPX 3U

Astute Group is your trusted partner for mission-critical VPX power systems.

We offer SynQor VPX solutions engineered for unwavering performance in the harshest defence, aerospace, and industrial environments. SynQor VPX power systems, designed with VITA compliance in mind, ensure seamless integration within VPX ecosystems.

Choose from a comprehensive range of AC-DC and DC-DC power systems to match your specific application requirements. Rugged conduction-cooled designs and high-density options make SynQor VPX systems ideal for deployment where reliability is paramount.

Key Features

  • Designed for mission-critical applications
  • VITA 46 and VITA 62 compliant
  • High power density, rugged conduction-cooled design
  • Options for AC-DC or DC-DC input.


  • Delivers reliable power in harsh environments
  • Ensures compatibility within VPX ecosystems
  • Wide range of options for customisation
  • Ideal for defence, aerospace, and high-reliability industries

Astute Group, as an authorised design-in partner for SynQor, provides expertise to ensure your critical systems benefit from dependable and powerful VPX solutions.

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