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Five signs you may be buying a fake product

Counterfeiting is a global problem that costs businesses and consumers billions of dollars each year. Electronics counterfeiting is a particularly serious problem, as counterfeit electronic parts and components can lead to equipment failure, safety risks, and brand damage.

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The rise of contract manufacturing for medical devices

There is a growing trend towards outsourcing the production of medical devices to contract manufacturers, writes Supply Chain Brain, driven by the need to speed up the product design cycle, meet rising demand, mitigate supply chain risk, and access hard-to-find electronics engineering expertise.

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Study finds that China is still a key DoD supplier

While much attention is given to China's role in the supply chain for electronics, particularly semiconductors, a new report featured in Forbes has revealed that Chinese suppliers are deeply integrated into US defense contracting and acquisition across a wide range of sectors, including artificial intelligence and optics.

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Engineers embrace AI for component selection

A recent survey of electronics engineers revealed that 86% of respondents trust AI to play at least some role in their component selection for their designs, and more than a fifth of those (23%) said they would “completely” trust AI to select components, reports Electronic Products & Technology.

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