24 Apr 2024 - General

Samsung scores major US Chips Act funding

Samsung has secured a landmark $6.4 billion in funding from the CHIPS and Science Act, fueling its ambitious plans to establish a comprehensive chipmaking hub in Texas. This investment, exceeding $40 billion, will see the creation of new foundries, R&D facilities, and advanced packaging capabilities – a major win for the US semiconductor industry.

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24 Apr 2024 - Industrial

Astute Group offers Innodisk industrial cameras for AI and automation

Astute Group is your trusted partner for industrial-grade vision solutions.

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19 Apr 2024 - Industrial

Power electronics: past to future

The future of power electronics is undergoing a radical transformation driven by cutting-edge materials like Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC). These wide-bandgap semiconductors bring game-changing advantages, outperforming traditional silicon and redefining performance benchmarks.

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18 Apr 2024 - Industrial

Optimism returns to the US electronics sector

Renewed positivity is sweeping through America's electronics manufacturing sector, marking a sharp turnaround from the pessimism of 2023.

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12 Apr 2024 - Industrial

Korean chip output surges – largest for 14 years – as AI fuels demand

South Korea's semiconductor industry is roaring back to life. February saw a staggering 65.3% year-on-year increase in output – the most significant jump since 2009. This robust growth signals a resurgence in both the nation's key manufacturing sector and broader global tech demand.

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12 Apr 2024 - Uncategorised

Astute Group announces authorised distribution partnership with Omega

Astute Group announces a new authorised distributor agreement with Omega, a global leader in process measurement and control. This strategic partnership expands Astute Group's industrial offering of high-quality temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, and other sensor solutions, bolstering its position as a comprehensive source for engineers worldwide.

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11 Apr 2024 - Defence

Astute Group offers APEM Thumb Controls for Drones – UAVs & UGVs

Astute Group offers the APEM range of thumb controls from Apem, a range of compact and ergonomic joysticks suitable for use in drones (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), robotics, and harsh environments.

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10 Apr 2024 - Industrial

Taiwan quake disrupts chip supply with likely impact on prices

Taiwan’s recent powerful earthquake continues to send ripples through the global electronics industry. Thankfully major chipmakers like TSMC have escaped the worst, production halts and disruptions will tighten the supply of key components like displays and semiconductors. Analysts warn this could lead to short-term price pressures, particularly in a market already facing tight inventories. The […]

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09 Apr 2024 - Industrial

TSMC gears up for 2nm chip dominance

Taiwanese tech giant TSMC is accelerating its push into next-generation chipmaking, with its Baoshan plant set to begin 2nm equipment installation in April. This move signals a major escalation in the advanced chipmaking race as TSMC aims to maintain its technological edge over rivals Samsung and Intel.

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08 Apr 2024 - Industrial

Astute Group offers Innodisk edge server SSDs for edge AI applications

Astute Group is your trusted partner for high-performance edge AI storage solutions.

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05 Apr 2024 - Uncategorised

Astute Group signs deal to distribute WAGO’s full product line across UK

Astute Group has signed a UK-authorised distribution agreement with WAGO, a global leader in automation and electrical interconnects. This partnership expands Astute Group’s growing portfolio of high-quality industrial components and solutions, offering customers even greater choice and flexibility.

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04 Apr 2024 - Industrial

Astute Group offers QUELL EESeal filter inserts for simplified EMI & ESD compliance

Astute Group offers the QUELL eSeal filter insert series, providing engineers with a compact, cost-effective, and highly reliable alternative to traditional, bulky filtered connectors. These inserts transform standard circular, D-Sub, Micro-D, and custom connectors into shielded, filtered versions in seconds, significantly simplifying EMI/ESD compliance efforts.

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02 Apr 2024 - General

Astute Group offers Intelligent Memory legacy DRAM solutions

Astute Group is your trusted partner for extending the lifecycles of critical systems.

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01 Apr 2024 - Industrial

US chip push fuels tech war with China

Intel's massive $20 billion US CHIPS Act windfall marks the opening salvo in the US government's bid to revive domestic chipmaking and challenge China's industry dominance. But experts warn that even this unprecedented subsidy won't be enough to ensure America regains its semiconductor crown.

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28 Mar 2024 - Industrial

Astute Group offers Innodisk embedded peripherals for industrial & rugged applications

Astute Group is your trusted partner for robust embedded peripherals. 

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22 Mar 2024 - Industrial

US on mission for microchip self-sufficiency

The US has set its sights on a bold and ambitious goal: to transform its position in the global semiconductor market. Currently absent in the production of advanced logic chips, the nation aims to capture a 20% market share by the end of the decade, as outlined by Secretary of State Gina Raimondo. This marks a dramatic shift in strategy, aiming to secure domestic control over critical components that power everything from smartphones to advanced military systems.

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20 Mar 2024 - Defence

Astute Group offers SynQor VPX power systems for defence and industrial applications

Astute Group is your trusted partner for mission-critical VPX power systems.

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11 Mar 2024 - Industrial

Electronic component sales outlook turns positive

The electronic components industry is seeing a welcome shift in sentiment as the latest Electronic Component Sales Trend (ECST) survey reveals a return to positive territory for the first time in 21 months. This marks a significant turnaround after a prolonged period of stagnation, with February’s index score reaching 100.8, reports the ECIA. The uptick […]

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06 Mar 2024 - General

Enterprise Tech poised for growth despite wider economic challenge

The telecommunications industry in 2024 faces a complex landscape, balancing exciting opportunities with significant headwinds such as a weak global economy and rising costs. However, the rise of enterprise-focused technologies like the Industrial Metaverse, RedCap, and AIoT provides promising avenues for growth.

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04 Mar 2024 - Industrial

Groundbreaking USB-C Technology from Pulsiv and Astute Electronics Signals the End of Bulky Wall Chargers

Astute Electronics is launching a world-first in power electronics – a revolutionary USB-C 65W charging module so compact and energy-efficient it can be integrated within wall sockets, simultaneously powering several devices without requiring multiple chargers and even eliminating bulky laptop chargers.   

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20 Feb 2024 - Industrial

Chip industry hits bottom, recovery sprouts: ASML

Semiconductor equipment giant ASML has declared the chip industry's slump over, predicting a budding recovery despite continued woes for major chipmakers.

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