14 Sep 2022 -

U.S. Defence to fund half-billion-dollar electronics anti-tamper program

U.S. airforce stock shot

The U.S. Air Force is formulating a half-billion-dollar 10-year plan to develop anti-tamper enabling technologies to foil enemy efforts to steal U.S. technology to gain access to its secrets, reports Military Aerospace Electronics

The Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Contract (MAC ID/IQ) plan sets out how the U.S. Airforce will procure anti-tamper products and develop anti-tamper solutions in secure processing, volume protection and sensors, and cryptographic protection.

The objective is to deter, prevent, delay, or respond to reverse engineering attempts after equipment capture that may compromise critical program information, and prevent adversary countermeasure development, unintended technology transfer, or alteration of a system due to reverse-engineering, says Military Aerospace Electronics.

The purpose is to obtain contractor support from large and small businesses in developing unique anti-tamper technologies, integrated anti-tamper technologies.

“Secure processing will develop products and technologies to establish and maintain secure processing in single-board computers, custom microelectronics, commercial microelectronics, or modified commercial processing devices, and to extend security from one device to another related to physical hardware, intellectual property (IP), or software that manages security,” says the article.

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