10 May 2024 -

APEM ruggedised control solutions for demanding applications from Astute Group

rugged keypad

Astute Group offers APEM’s extensive range of ruggedised controls, a comprehensive collection of switches, joysticks, indicators, and complete panel solutions engineered to survive and thrive in the most demanding environments. These highly durable components are essential for systems operating in hazardous conditions where precision, reliability, and intuitive user interfaces are paramount.

Designed to resist shock, vibration, moisture, dust, extreme temperatures, and other hazards, APEM controls are a preferred choice in industries including military, defense, heavy machinery, marine, and transportation. With extensive options in sealing (reaching IP67, IP68, and IP69K ratings), backlighting choices, and layout customization, APEM products ensure the perfect fit and functionality for nearly any demanding application.

Rugged controls featuring

  • High mechanical resistance to shocks, acceleration and vibrations
  • Uniform backlighting thanks to individual steering and calibration
  • Complete EMC shielding
  • Adapted ergonomics for user comfort (finger locations, markings, tactile feedback)
  • Small and medium production runs, long-term durability
  • Proven technology, French design and production

APEM’s commitment to ruggedness goes beyond environmental factors. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure long-term mechanical and electrical performance, even under heavy use. The diverse selection of control interfaces, combined with customisation capabilities, allows engineers to create human-machine interfaces (HMIs) that are both resilient and optimised for the unique workflows of each system.

Key points:

  • Diverse selection of switches, joysticks, indicators, and panels
  • Available with IP67, IP68, IP69K sealing
  • Customisable layouts, backlighting choices, and finishes
  • Proven durability in harsh conditions
  • Long-term mechanical and electrical reliability

Typical applications:

  • Military and defense vehicles and ground systems
  • Construction and agricultural equipment
  • Marine and aviation control systems
  • Industrial automation and process control
  • Transportation and heavy equipment

Astute Group is an authorised design-in partner for APEM.

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