08 Mar 2023 -

Electronics purchasers – Counterfeit electronics reminder

counterfeit parts

According to Electronics Sourcing (ES), counterfeit components are a growing concern in the industry, especially with the rise in online sales.

ES suggests you check your processes against these seven precautionary steps:

  1. Test the component – Use a lab that offers destructive and non-destructive techniques, such as Astute’s.
  2. Purchase components from authorized distributors – they have a direct relationship with the producers and are likelier to have authentic parts.
  3. Look for markings and certifications – compare the holographic labels, serial numbers, or different distinctive stamps against up-to-date brand/industry markings.
  4. Verify the supplier – check if they are a member of any industry organization or have certifications.
  5. Use traceability tools – RFID tagging and IOT devices can help you track authenticity from the manufacturer.
  6. Conduct visual inspections – look for poor-quality printing, incorrect logo or branding, and other inconsistencies.
  7. Review anti-counterfeit software – companies such as Siemens, NXP, and Intel have all developed anti-counterfeit solutions that utilise Al 

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To avoid electronics supply-chain disruptions, you may also wish to consult an expert in electronics component supply. With more than three decades of supply-chain expertise, Astute Electronics is ideally placed to work with you on your daily component requirements.

For more help with looking at supply chain options, contact Astute Electronics

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