22 Apr 2020 -

Defence electronics – 50 week lead times?

Defense industry electronics supply-chains may feel impact well beyond short-term pandemic disruptions, suggests an article in MAE (Military & Aerospace Electronics)

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, “the whole supply chain is a mess right now,” said an employee of one electronics manufacturer that provides components for commercial and defense products, who described challenges with working from home and retaining workers on the production line.

A previous report suggested that lead times for U.S. military electronic-parts will jump from four to 12 weeks from order to delivery over what manufacturers had come to expect before the pandemic, but industry insiders have suggested the situation might be much worse – up to 50 weeks in some instances.

“Lead times have been extended in the defense space for the past couple of years. We saw it start more than 18 months ago, as demand exceeded capacity. Some had seen lead times push out to 50 weeks, which is unprecedented.”

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