03 Aug 2022 -

Counterfeit chip market is ‘thriving’

counterfeit parts

“There is a thriving counterfeit chip market out there,” writes Vineeth Venugopal on The Medium. The pandemic triggered “a counterfeit chip crisis, where many fake chips were pushed onto the market on unsuspecting chip hungry consumers”.

  • He says there are several types of fake chips, including:
  • Grey market recycled chips are reused parts scavenged from old boards or products. The fact that they are not authentic can be difficult to detect.
  • Fraudulent chips or clones are functionally and visually similar to the original manufacturers’ products but security back doors or hidden functionalities.
  • Over-produced and failed parts include components that fail testing and are pushed back into the supply chain. They may operate incorrectly under certain conditions or fail before their normal expected lifetime.
  • Parts which are over-produced by the factory, or some portion of tested-good parts recorded as failed by the test house, with the excess good parts diverted to the fraudulent channel.

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