GK Services Overmoulded Connectors

Astute Electronics, the authorised distributor for GK Services, is proud to offer their Click Connect overmoulded connectors and solutions. Established in 1981, GK Services brings over 40 years of experience and expertise to diverse market sectors.

With manufacturing facilities in both the UK and Asia, they cater to projects of all sizes, from prototypes and low-volume runs to high-volume production. Their core competency lies in thermo plastic and thermo set injection over moulding, creating IP-sealed products ideal for harsh environments or aesthetic enhancements.

Water ingress is the biggest challenge for a lot of equipment. Damaging a relatively inexpensive cable may still have significant repercussions on the overall equipment and complex electronic assemblages. Overmoulded connectors provides a simple solution.

As a design partner for GK Services, Astute Electronics works closely with you to deliver the optimal solution for your specific needs:

  • Connector agnostic approach: We select the most suitable connectors, whether over-moulded or discrete, based on your application requirements.
  • Strong industry partnerships: Our established relationships with leading connector manufacturers like Deutsch, Bulgin, and Amphenol ensure access to extensive tooling and in-depth assembly expertise.
  • Box build capabilities: We understand the complexities of system integration and offer box build services to create complete, water-resistant solutions.

Astute Electronics and GK Services are committed to understanding your unique requirements and delivering cost-effective solutions. Contact us today to discuss your project and explore how our combined expertise can bring your vision to life.


• Aerospace • Military
• Automotive • IoT
• Industrial • Networking
• Computing • Telecommunications
• Consumer • Mobile



Andy Jefkins
Interconnect Solutions Technical BDM
[email protected]

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Click Connect (formerly Deutsch Quick Connect)

Astute Electronics, a design partner supporting GK Services products, introduces the Click Connect Series, formerly known as the Deutsch Quick Connect Series. Manufactured by GK Services since 2020, these environmentally sealed connectors offer 2, 7, or 12 contacts and support wire gauges from 16 to 22 AWG. Designed for flexibility and versatility, the Click Connect Series excels in harsh or demanding environments. Contact Astute Electronics today to learn more about incorporating Click Connect solutions into your project.

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