01 Jun 2020 -

Are you ready for a demand increase around the corner?

Manufacturers and those in electronics procurement should be building the necessary relationships in preparation for an increase in demand if orders return to their sector, recommmends EPSNews, the title for the electronics supply chain industry.

They say that reports from U.S. Bank’s analysis of its Freight Payment Index suggest there could be a flattening of the downward demand curve, with potentially a demand uptick arriving in Q4.

“There are some changes we can see starting to take shape in the current supply chain. They’re slowly building and evolving but have a high likelihood of coming true,” they report. “One piece of advice for manufacturers and those in electronics procurement is to start looking at the relationships you’ll need in Q3 and Q4 if manufacturing orders return in your sector. Carrier capacity has the potential to be limited, and strengthening relationships now might be one of the best ways to protect your freight.”

“We’re seeing supply chain planning professionals in high demand now and think that’s likely to continue throughout the year. Companies are juggling a wide range of risks and threats while trying to build out alternative sources and hammer out new agreements.”

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