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Bloomberg: Supply constraints are driving inflation

Prices are rising all over the world at a pace that hasn’t been seen in decades, and central banks have responded by lifting rates, writes Bloomberg. And according to a Federal Bank analysis, supply factors account for more than half of the current level of inflation,...

Counterfeit components thrive in time of shortened obsolescence

An article in EPS News claims that counterfeiters are trying to cash in on demand for older parts which are going through EOL (end of life) notifications. According to the article, the problem is getting worse by the trend for shorter periods between the announcement...

Hyundai to manufacture their own automotive chips

"Take back control!" A message often used by politicians is now being heeded by Hyundai, who recently announced they will be manufacturing their own chips to secure the own supply chain as it moves into the electric vehicle industry. EVs require an estimated 500 to...

Supply chains are greatest career challenge – New study

Jul 26, 2022

84 percent of procurement leaders agree that dealing with supply chain disruptions has been their biggest career challenge to date, according to a new study of 233 senior procurement executives from U.S. and UK manufacturers.

The study commissioned by Ivalua found

  • The Supply Chain crisis is expected to continue: nearly half of procurement leaders (44%) expect the supply chain crisis to ease by the end of 2023.
  • 92% of procurement leaders say that avoiding supply chain disruption is in their top 3 priorities for this year.
  • 84% of businesses see modernising the manufacturing procurement and sourcing function as an organisational priority today.
  • Only 46 percent say they have a deep understanding of their suppliers’ capabilities and risks
  • Managing geographical disruptions to the supply chain has been a significant challenge. A full 89 percent of procurement leaders need to view supply chain data by geography, but only 73 percent can easily access it.

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