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India’s semiconductor sector riding wave of global demand

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India’s semiconductor industry is experiencing a boom, with a recent wave of global investment focused on tapping into the country’s skilled engineering workforce. As geopolitical tensions reshape supply chains, India’s talent pool is positioned to become increasingly integral to the global chip industry.

“Around 30 per cent of the newglobal capability centres (GCCs) set up in India during the December quarter of last year were in the semiconductor space,” reveals a Nasscom-Zinnov report, as reported in Economic Times India. This underscores heightened interest in India’s expertise for front-end design, performance testing, and critical post-silicon validation segments.

Companies like Signature IP, EdgeCortix, and M31 Technology Corporation represent recent entries into the space, focusing on areas such as network-on-chip technology, AI-specific processors, and advanced silicon IP solutions.

Bengaluru and Hyderabad are emerging as key hubs, collectively housing roughly two-thirds of the nation’s 55 semiconductor GCCs. This translates to over 50,000 specialized professionals, solidifying India’s commitment and growing capabilities in the sector.

The Nasscom-Zinnov report emphasizes the potential for strategic partnerships. Currently, GCCs often focus on chip design and development, with fabrication outsourced to specialized foundries – a model that could evolve into even deeper collaborations with international firms.

Electronics engineers should monitor the roles in highest demand. These include ASIC design engineers, reliability specialists, PCB engineers, and RF test engineers. Micron’s planned $2.7 billion investment in a Sanand assembly and test facility further highlights India’s rising importance in the value chain.

Global chip giants already have a strong presence. Intel, AMD, Texas Instruments, Nvidia, and Qualcomm all maintain sizeable design and R&D centers on Indian soil. AMD’s recent inauguration of its largest global design center in Bengaluru, with a planned workforce of 3,000, reinforces the trend toward utilizing India’s engineering talent for cutting-edge CPU, GPU, and SoC innovations.

India’s semiconductor boom signals a dynamic shift. Its skilled workforce, combined with rising investment, positions the country to play an increasingly central role in meeting global chip demand amidst evolving geopolitical realities.

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