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Vishay & Infineon: severely affected by Wuxi subcon fire

A fire in Wuxi, China, earlier this month is having serious supply consequences for several manufacturers, including Vishay and Infineon. Wuxi Welnew Microelectronics (“Welnew”) is a sub-tier supplier to several semiconductor manufacturers including Infineon, Vishay,...

New tech might get tripped up by supply chain volatility, says ABI

Buzzy new tech trends including the industrial metaverse, 5G wearables, printed electronics, and satellite-to-cell services may be held back by global market volatility, according to a report from the analyst firm ABI Research. “War, inflation, political upheaval,...

Faced with shortages? Remain vigilant against counterfeit

EMS Now says there are numerous reasons why counterfeit parts surface, and companies need to be particularly vigilant during supply chain constraints, where low levels of required supply increase the pressure to access the open market. "Counterfeits components are...

NAND flash market – shortages ahead?

Apr 9, 2020
NAND drive CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=179956

DigiTimes is highlighting concerns over a weakening of the NAND flash market, triggered by a reported decision by the world’s biggest DRAM and NAND maker, Samsung, to cut it SSD inventory – and even dropping this on the spot market.

This comes at a time when games console manufacturers like Nintendo are gobbling up internal NAND storage for their Switch thanks to increasing stay-at-home activities in the wake of the pandemic.

Industry insiders are concerned about possible future shortages, with OEM’s having to fight it out on the spot market. The spot market is highly competitive, offering both challenges and advantages. Any buyer or seller, including manufacturers, for example, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers),  ODMs (original design manufacturers) and CMs (contract manufacturers),  and distributors (for example, franchised distributors and non-franchised distributors) is free to participate in the spot market so as to regulate inventory caused by overstocking or shortages resulting from production limit.