04 Mar 2024 -
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Groundbreaking USB-C Technology from Pulsiv and Astute Electronics Signals the End of Bulky Wall Chargers

pulsiv new USB Technology

Be among the first to obtain a reference design pack and fully-assembled module using this amazing new technology – contact Astute Group

Astute Group is offering a world-first in power electronics – a revolutionary USB-C 65W charging module so compact and energy-efficient it can be integrated within wall sockets, simultaneously powering several devices without requiring multiple chargers and even eliminating the need for bulky laptop chargers.

This brilliant new technology from Cambridge power innovators, Pulsiv, and collaborators, Innoscience, and Frenetic, is the world’s smallest — and at >95% efficiency — the world’s greenest 65W USB-C design.

The ultra-compact size of around 32x25x25mm makes this ideal for use in-wall USB-C sockets, adapters, and chargers, replacing multiple lower power 10-15W outputs with one higher power module that’s capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously – or a 65W laptop straight from the socket without a separate charger.

What’s more, other variants will follow including:  

  • 70W design specifically to support the latest Apple MacBook  
  • 65W design for in-wall solutions optimised for the Japanese/US market (85V – 115V input voltage range)  
  • 140W solution later this year  

The design will be available to customers in three formats.  

Reference Designs: The complete reference design enables customers to develop the solution according to their needs with minimal design resource and includes a schematic, bill of materials, EMC test data, Gerbers, and layout files. Contact Astute to be the first to be notified when the download becomes available.  

Modules: A fully-assembled EMC-compliant module to enable rapid prototyping or replace the time/cost associated with manufacturing processes will be available from Astute Group from April.

Evaluation boards: Evaluation boards will be developed for customers who wish to test and/or adapt the design for their own requirements and will be stocked by a number of distribution partners. A datasheet with schematic, bill of materials, EMC test data, Gerbers, and PCB layout files will also be available.


Pulsiv’s OSMIUM technology is delivered through the company’s PSV-AD-65EG microcontroller to efficiently manage the AC to DC conversion process and enable the use of smaller magnetics within the design. On the DC-DC side, a primary side inductance of just 100µH means an EQ20 transformer core has been used in what magnetics experts Frenetic say, has never been achieved before.    

Delivering high efficiency at low loads is unique to Pulsiv OSMIUM technology and fundamental to reducing energy waste making this design the “greenest” of its kind. Further benefits also include zero inrush current and no input voltage derating – both of which are also unique features of the Pulsiv OSMIUM technology. Further optimisation includes the use of GaN components from Innoscience

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