02 Sep 2022 -

How IoT can help to transform supply chain management

Asset tracking and management

Using IoT in supply chain management is a growing trend, reports EPS News, with the power to provide real-time insights into the performance of the entire supply chain and logistics operations.

Equipment using advanced IoT sensors can measure various aspects of the surrounding conditions within the supply chain of goods. This includes location, temperature, humidity, light levels, movement, handling, speed of movement, and more. Electronic components are sensitive to humidity, heat and electro-static discharge, for example. IoT devices come in many forms, like RFID chips, smart devices, and mobile sensors.

Key monitoring statistics include:

  • Asset tracking: Integrating IoT with the entire trajectory of the supply chain allows a business to monitor the location of goods accurately. You can also track the speed of movement and predict when goods are expected to arrive.
  • Inventory management: Smart inventory management using IoT systems facilitates real-time visibility across inventory, warehouse, production, and distribution centers. For instance, sensors installed on shelves transmit real-time inventory information to their management system. This reduces inventory costs by reducing manual labour.
  • Monitoring storage conditions: Some raw materials require specific storage conditions. Sudden changes in the temperature, humidity, or exposure to light or the atmosphere can affect the quality of products.

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