27 Apr 2020 -

Avionics industry reports supply chain vulnerabilities

Over-reliance on single sourcing of components is creating vulnerabilities in an already ‘fragile’ avionics supply chain, say industry insiders.

An article in Aviation International News reports comments from First Aviation Services CEO, Aaron Hollander, who said that Covid-related issues are “fairly disruptive” and that the industry may not see the full problems “for a number of months into the future”. He remarked the supply chain could be described as “fragile” and in a fair amount of distress, some of which comes from the practice of relying on single sources.

In agreement is Marc Drobny, president of StandardAero Business Aviation, who is reported to say, “There are only so many suppliers and really due to demand, they were all pretty overwhelmed. That dynamic continues and it’s certainly not going to get any better quickly.”

Todd Winter, president and CEO of Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics, also commented that with so many electronic components coming from Asia, and with the globalization of the supply chain, problems may come obtaining materials from international suppliers with ongoing travel restrictions.

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