02 Jun 2022 -

SEMI Europe expo opens with spotlight on supply chain resilience

obsolescence management

Key executives from leading semiconductor companies, market analysts, economists and policymakers gathered earlier this week for insights into the latest electronics industry trends, challenges and opportunities in Brussels, Belgium at the annual Industry Strategy Symposium Europe (ISS Europe) 2022.

“2022 is a critical year for industry leaders to focus on manoeuvring forward to a new normal by proactively capitalizing on growth opportunities for Europe and building sustainable and more resilient operations moving forward,” wrote Semi on their website.

One of the key questions was: “Strengthening Europe’s supply chain resilience: what would it take to double European capacity?”

“Europe is well-positioned to expand its semiconductor manufacturing sector, enable greater semiconductor supply chain resilience and ultimately fuel EU economic growth.”

“To do so, our industry is accelerating activities that are of critical importance to Europe and that can become of competitive advantage, while positively impacting future societies and climate.”

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