02 Jan 2023 -

Did you miss in 2022? Invisible cars are almost here


Fair enough if you missed this article on invisible cars from last year. Apparently, the concept is much closer to becoming a reality, thanks to advancements in technology, according to this article.

John Pendry is a British physicist and a pioneer in the metamaterials field, which refers to a type of nano-engineered microscopic structure that can deflect electromagnetic waves. This gives the material the ability to bend light around an object and therefore render it invisible. 

According to the article, Jaguar has created a “see-through” vehicle that gives drivers (of the vehicle itself) a 360° view around it due to pillars that become transparent when they are looked at. This will give the drivers a much clearer view of what is behind and beside them, hopefully preventing any collisions with motorbikes or other smaller vehicles that would be difficult to see.

There’s a plethora of real-world applications in aerospace and defence. Meta is a Canadian company that has partnered with Airbus to develop an optical shielding filter, known as metaAIR. In theory, this would be a shield that could protect pilots from laser strikes, consisting of hundreds of nano-meter layers integrated into the cockpit glass that would work to reflect the various light frequencies and stop the laser radiation.

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